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Who Qualifies?
States or political subdivisions of states—cities, towns, counties, school districts, special purpose districts (fire, parks, utility, water, etc.), hospitals, authorities, boards, and commissions—all qualify for tax-exempt municipal leases.

The Municipal Lease Process

Step 1: Once a decision has been made to present a project recommendation to the agency’s board/council, AFS prepares a resolution for consideration.

Step 2: After the resolution has been adopted, AFS prepares documents for signature and review by the lender.

Step 3: Upon receipt of the fully executed document set, AFS creates an escrow account from which proceeds are disbursed.

Sample Project Financing:

  • Capital Cost $ 180,000
  • Term 5 Years
  • Annual Payment $ 43,619.30
  • Payments Beginning up to 1 Yr. deferred
  • Rates as low as 3.99%

The Value of ProjectDox ePlan Submission, Review and Tracking

  • Using digital files drastically reduces paper consumption and the cost to manage and store paper documents.
  • Citizens have access (24/7) to a secure, fast and convenient system to submit/resubmit plans. No need to drive to the building department, reducing traffic on the highways and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Centralizing plans and documents gives complete visibility to all departments – parallel review facilitates increased communication, accuracy and reduces/shortens re submission cycle(s).
  • Streamlined processes means buildings are completed sooner and on tax records faster.
  • Jurisdictions remain competitive, can better attract new commercial business.
  • Automated workflow processes provide tools to measure departmental productivity, isolate problem areas.
  • Online plan review allows for telecommuting, trip reductions for citizens and couriers, energy and environmental conservation.
  • Standards-based inter-operability facilitates increased cross-departmental/ agency communication, mutual aid & speeds disaster response and recovery.

About Government Capital Corporation
Government Capital Corporation is a Public Finance investment bank providing professional financing services to government entities. Since its founding in 1992, the company has successfully completed thousands of municipal financings.

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