GIStream Provides a Host of Dynamic Features to Users

GIStream Provides a Host of Dynamic Features to Users

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GIStream, an optional extension to Avolve’s ProjectDox, is digitally transforming business, one process at a time.  This dynamic extension combines the power of ProjectDox, which we have widely discussed as being the industry’s leading ePlan management solution, with Esri ArcGIS data, which is the most widely used interactive mapping platform.  By using GIStream, building project information is easily and seamlessly combined with geospatial data to create views of the built environment that were heretofore not possible.

Through increased collaboration, efficiency, accuracy and productivity, organization accelerate time to value.  Simultaneous access to project and GIS information through one application provides organization with a way to better coordinate design, development, construction and operational tasks while managing potential environmental impacts. Cities, countries, states and other local government jurisdictions are built of interconnected systems of citizens, agencies, assets, documents and that requires location aware information about both seen and unseen assets in order to function and thrive optimally.  As any city planner, government employee or stakeholder knows, managing large development projects requires fast  and accurate access to data, plans, documents, maps and imagery.  Through unique, state-of-the-art technology, GIStream aggregates data including underground assets and aerial imagery.  GIStream makes it efficiency and easy for reviewers, including external agencies, to quickly see where plans, assets, utilities, and boundaries intersect or conflict.

With access to all of the files, plans, documents and GIS layers needed to make informed decision and keep projects on budget, reviewers and field inspectors are able to make design decision and project alterations early in the process which saves valuable time and money.  Public safety is of the utmost importance and improving emergency response is a high priority for every city and state.  GIStream supports the mission and principle role of every jurisdiction, which is to protect property and save lives.  Emergency response operations require multiple sources of information to plan and take action during critical situations and GIStream, along with ProjectDox,  delivers stored plan data and live geospatial maps to optimize event and contingency planning, as well as real-time emergency response.

Timely, accurate access to maps of the built environment are critical and location awareness maps the built environment layer on top of an Esri GIS database for more thorough project management across the jurisdiction.  Organizations are able to better coordinate design, development, and construction tasks while managing their potential impact on the environment through simultaneously access to project and GIS information in one application (ProjectDox).  On a broader scale, first responders and agencies such as FEMA and Homeland Security are able to respond more quickly to a call to action for emergency planning, preparedness, and resolution by tagging as-built specifications back to the land base.  ProjectDox, with GIStream, provides the epitome of fingertip access to electronic versions of all critical building and GIS data (including blueprints, construction drawings, utility shutoffs, access points, maintenance manuals, area maps, demographics, road and utility infrastructure, and physical topography) in one location.  Just as ProjectDox eliminates information silos between departments within a government, ProjectDox, with GIS Stream, builds information and process bridges for built environment data which eliminates barriers among industries, agencies, departments and data silos to improve efficiency and safety.

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