Hosted ProjectDox – Faster, Better, Smarter

Hosted ProjectDox – Faster, Better, Smarter

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There is no doubt that ProjectDox is, hands down, the best ePlan review software.  Jurisdictions of any size, and departments of any type can benefit from the operational transformation that ProjectDox brings.  It dramatically improves collaboration, information sharing, projection completion, efficiency and more.  But, not all jurisdictions have the capabilities including budget and personnel, or the facility availability (dedicated IT space or a data center) to host ProjectDox on their own.  Or, they simply may not want to deal with the logistics of hosting sensitive, secure information while maximizing uptime to ensure functionality. If you find that you are not able to or interested in hosting ProjectDox, but want all of the functionality and features of ProjectDox, managed cloud services, also known as Avolve Software’s hosted service, is an ideal solution.

Secure hosted services are the perfect blend of application functionality and ease of management.  When you choose the hosted service, your ProjectDox will work exactly the same as any other jurisdiction but it will be managed by Avolve staff and all servers and equipment will be securely maintained in our state-of-the-art data center.  Evolve has partnered with the Phoenix NAP, an SOC2 compliant host, to ensure that your information is protected in the most secure and confidential environment.  We always use secure, high-bandwidth integration between ProjectDox and backend systems.  Further, we provide our clients with high system availability that is backed by a. Service Level Agreement.  Not only do we promise uptime, we deliver on our stringent uptime guarantees. And, there is no need to worry about data contamination or security breaches because data is segmented and secure from other hosted customers.  Your data never resides in the same database as another client.

Secure hosted ProjectDox is an ideal solution for many clients and comes with many advantages including expert installation, monitoring, management, tuning and upgrading of the ProjectDox application for you.  Our ProjectDox workflows and integrations are uniquely crafted to each customer to ensure it has everything you need.  We never configure to the lowest common denominator – we listen to your needs and provide you workflows that deliver solutions.  You will get to enjoy all of the features of ProjectDox without putting any strain on your own IT department.  Without rock solid infrastructure, security, backup, redundancy and failover, your information is always protected without ever sacrificing interoperability between ProjectDox and Permitting/Planning solutions.  Simply put, hosting is faster, better, and smarter.


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