How Do Avolve Consultants Help You Improve Business Operations Through Implementation?

How Do Avolve Consultants Help You Improve Business Operations Through Implementation?

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Every building project is different, so cookie cutter solutions aren’t specific enough to review and enhance the construction process. At Avolve, the focus is to utilize electronic plan review. ProjectDox, an open access building information management hub, can increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency because it is designed to interface with other business application systems. Collaboration is enhanced as well, making this leading Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) the key to saving money, time and even lives in some cases.

Your Avolve implementation team can help you improve business operations by using over 200 published web services contained in ProjectDox. These services allow you to interface to other permitting systems from vendors such as Infor, Accela, Sungard and Computronix. Back office systems are accessible, too, simplifying processes like inspection and document archiving.

One Big Meeting, Anytime You Need It

Imagine having the entire group of professionals you need on a building project, all in one room and all at one time. That’s a fairly big meeting. With ProjectDox, the meeting keeps going until the project is finished. Project participants from the public to external organizations and agency departments can access project documents at any time. Whether they need to view, comment or mark up the documents, the project is conveniently open to all involved.

Many of North America’s largest municipalities use this electronic plan review system to make the process of reviewing building plans transparent, efficient and accurate. This minimizes the actual time required to bring the project on line.

Who Can Benefit From ProjectDox?

It can deliver solutions for you right out of the box or fully customized if you:

  • Work in planning or zoning
  • Work in emergency response
  • Represent a jurisdiction’s building department
  • Are an design-construction firm that partners with any of these organizations

Every Step of the Way

Because it’s open access, ProjectDox enables building projects from pre-planning to demolition. A four-step implementation process simplifies everything for you:

  1. Mobilize – Avolve consultants gather the stakeholders and review the project plan along with its expected outcomes. Everyone’s roles are defined and all participants are on the same page from the
  2. Map – Your consultants will work with you to generate maps of your business process that describe how the system will work.
  3. Configure – The experts at Avolve use tools like checklists, eForms, project templates and Workflow Designer to encapsulate your business process.
  4. On-boarding – This comprehensive step involves hands-on training, User Acceptance Testing and community outreach to accelerate user adoption.

Because it’s supported by the most experienced electronic plan review team in the industry, ProjectDox is a smart solution for keeping projects on schedule, making the entire process more efficient and profitable for everyone involved.



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