How Does Online Application Submission (OAS) Make It Easier to Conduct Business with Customers, Partners and Internal Staff?

How Does Online Application Submission (OAS) Make It Easier to Conduct Business with Customers, Partners and Internal Staff?

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Online Application Submission, or OAS, works in a seamless manner with Avolve Software’s ProjectDox systems. It supplies a full-featured interface so that organizations can interact and conduct business with internal staff, partners and customers.

What Is OAS?

OAS is an easy-to-use web application. Inside the app, you can submit permit or plan review applications via a specific jurisdiction’s website. Users create an online account, log into it, and select the application needed. The application choices might include construction, infrastructure or events.

 What Kind of Features Does OAS Have?

So many tools and information objects inside of OAS allow for performing and managing all of your front-end tasks, like:

  • Confirming proper addresses and geo-locations
  • Submitting and retrieving multiple permit applications
  • Verifying all required data, documents and plans in each permit
  • Staying up-to-date on every application and review status
  • Paying any required fees

Working With ProjectDox and ProjectDox EZ

 Many of North America’s largest cities and counties use ProjectDox, the industry’s leading Electronic Plan Review solution. Avolve designed and developed the open access software to increase the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of reviewing building plans. This reduces the time it takes to bring your construction projects on line.

As a building information management hub and business process enabler, its focuses upon the entire building life cycle with features like:

  • Comprehensive collaboration tools for notifying, commenting, reporting and comparing
  • Open, web-based accesseven via mobile devices
  • Screen rendition ofmore than 200 native file formats including images, AutoCAD, video and various types of documents
  • Seamlessly integrates to other business applications including asset and document management systems as well as permitting
  • Robust, customized workflows adaptable to your particular business processes
  • Location aware geo-tagging through ESRI ArcGIS integration

The software can deliver solutions whether you work in design, construction, planning, zoning, emergency response or a jurisdiction’s building department. It’s ready to go right out of the box, or you can get it fully customized to meet your needs.

ProjectDox EZ is a subscription-based, rapid deployment offering of ProjectDox, the industry-leading ePlan solution from Avolve. It has the same rich features, but the subscription pricing gives you the option of lower startup costs with payments you can manage. The flexibility allows you to maximize your operating budget while decreasing capital expenses.

Save Paper and Time

You no longer need to spend time waiting and working to get paper plans approved through a laborious process. Your citizen applicants and your team can enjoy a rapid onboarding process that will allow them to focus on the job at hand. Let the experts at Avolve monitor and maintain your ePlan system through OAS, along with the hosted environment of the software you choose.


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