How Does ProjectDox Help Communities Stay Competitive & Sustainable

How Does ProjectDox Help Communities Stay Competitive & Sustainable

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There is a lot of talk about how versatile and useful ProjectDox is for municipalities and government departments.  This is certainly true and something of which we at Avolve are very proud.  ProjectDox avoids information silos that often arise within departments and between individuals during building and planning projects.  It is the best way to store, access, edit, send and share information regarding any project so that everyone stays on the same page at all times.  But, the only benefit is not to government departments, it is also an immense benefit to citizens and communities as well.  Cities thrive on new construction and growth and citizens benefit from that growth as well. However, nobody likes project delays, construction delays, expenses as well as the resulting headaches and frustrations that often arise from government projects.  ProjectDox is the solution for both government departments, outside agencies, citizens and communities as a whole.

How does ProjectDox really impact citizens and communities?  First, any citizen applicant will appreciate the ability to submit, edit and view any pertinent project information from one secure and central location.  This level of convenience is surpassed by no other because it eliminates the constant need to drive to a government building just to submit a form and allows you to do so online.  Everything is tracked with detailed notations so that there is no question as to who made an edit or when.  When projects are underway citizens often feel out of the loop or under-informed but with ProjectDox they have all the information they need from wherever they are with a secure internet connection.  Additionally, ProjectDox drastically reduces the need for paper and redundancies that often accompany a project.  This reduces the impact on the environment and government spending – something any taxpaying citizen can appreciate.  And another benefit that ProjectDox provides to citizens and the community is that it expedites the process.  Change orders, RFIs, communication and everything involved in any project take time, there can be miscommunications and the back and forth just means project delays because it takes time for all of that communication to make its way to the intended recipients.  With ProjectDox, everything from documents to communication is contained in one location with automated notifications so that everyone has the most current and up to date information the moment it is available.  This means that projects get done more quickly, confusion and mistakes are mitigated and projects just simply go more smoothly.  Any citizen in a community with a building project will appreciate the speed with which projects get completed so that they can go about their daily life or begin to enjoy the new services or amenities that new building projects provide.  For these reasons, and more, ProjectDox is the ideal solution for government departments but it is also immensely beneficial to communities and citizens as well.

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