How Does ProjectDox Improve Interoperability?

How Does ProjectDox Improve Interoperability?

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ProjectDox boasts a variety of features that immensely benefit the various departments, citizens and other stakeholders.  As the market’s leading ePlan system, ProjectDox dramatically improves efficiency.  But, that is not all that it does.  In fact, ProjectDox  improves interoperability in a variety of way s that makes exchanging information with other applications easy and accurate.

Information silos, also known as “islands of automation” or “data stovepipes” are a frustrating inconvenience wherein pertinent information for projects gets lost in communications (both verbal and written) between departments .  When information and content cannot be exchanged properly between applications it creates an assortment of problems that slow down the process of communication, delay projects, cost money and much more.  Fortunately, ProjectDox is an open application that, once implemented, uses standard interface technologies and is capable of connecting to other businesses systems in every place that it is used.  Additionally, ProjectDox can interface with all application types, including  permitting, land management, asset management and archival systems.

Whether you want to have standard integration with your applications, or customize integration to your specific needs, it is possible with ProjectDox.  A few applications ProjectDox can interface with include Accela, SunGard, Infor, Computronix, Tyler Technologies, CSI Magnet, and more.  ProjectDox seamlessly interfaces with applications to facilitate ideal system interoperability and increase business effectiveness.  At Avolve, we make it our top priority to interface with all current applications and also be able to adapt to future needs.  We work closely with government software companies to not just create a basic product that does an acceptable job, but one that tightly integrates with leading products.  ProjectDox supports over 200 defined Web Services that communicate with back-office business systems virtually any type.  Interoperability includes the ability to automate the ePlan review and approval process as well as document submission and access.  ProjectDox is a powerful tool that makes building project information available to those who need it including Planning Departments, Building Departments, Asset Management Departments, Public Safety Departments and any other stakeholders in a project, throughout the entire building life cycle.  From the start of a project when an application is submitted to when a project has been issued permits and plans have been drawn, ProjectDox will ensure that optimal communication and disbursement of information happens at all times.  Information silos will be avoided and communication will be accelerated to complete projects faster, making time for other projects and saving everyone involved a significant amount of money.

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