How Does ProjectDox Transform Business Operations

How Does ProjectDox Transform Business Operations

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For any business, taking on a new software, training personnel how to use it and fully implementing it can be a daunting task.  Transitions with software are often fraught with unexpected complications, stresses and difficulties.  Particularly when the new software is launched without support, training and assistance from the software company themselves.  Transitioning to a new software must have proven benefits and ease of use that improves business operations for it to really be worth the change.  With Avolve’s ProjectDox, business operations will be vastly improved and we ensure that proper training and support at every step is provided so that the transition is not only worthwhile but streamlined and simplified.  ProjectDox is an electronic plan review software that facilitates better communication between departments, individuals, citizens and outside agencies during a project.  It encourages improved workflow for a more efficient project completion process that reduces project time and saves money.

When IT departments hear about implementing a new software they often begin to panic, already imagining how difficult it will be.  And when department heads hear about it, they do the same because they are concerned about training their departments for the new software.  This fear often leads them to want to avoid it all together but when workflow can be so dramatically improved, the transition and training are well worth it.  ProjectDox has been optimized to be implemented and fully launched in the most streamlined and simplified way possible because the last thing ProjectDox is there to do is disrupt workflow.  Traditionally, for city government, interacting with and collaborating on projects with citizens and outside agencies has been tedious.  Citizens and outside agencies must physically go to an office building to submit forms, fill out paperwork and set up appointments with personnel to meet in person for project collaboration.  Any time a request for information or change order is needed another trip to the office must be taken, more forms filled out and then all of those forms and paperwork must be distributed to the correct personnel, ensuring that everyone necessary receives a copy.  Should there be a delay in information distribution, pertinent project personnel may be under informed and problems with projects (such as costly delays) will likely ensue.  Once ProjectDox has been implemented, interactions and collaborations with citizens and outside agencies will be completely revolutionized.

ProjectDox encourages all project rolls to be defined so that there is no confusion and expectations are well understood by all.  Automated notifications of any changes keep everyone well informed, on the same page, and accountable during a project so that information silos are avoided.  Everything needed for a project takes place right in ProjectDox including ProjectDox templates, eForms, workflow designer, and checklist.  Everything from a change order to plan submissions and edits can occur right in ProjectDox.  All original files as well as all edits are kept in ProjectDox to encourage complete transparency and ensure everyone has the necessary documents that they need at any given time.  ProjectDox can be accessed from anywhere that has a secure internet connection so there is no need for delay in communications or workflow.  Our 4 step implementation process that also includes hands-on training and community outreach means that ProjectDox is easy to install and easy to get everyone on-board and efficiently working right away.

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