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Is Electronic Plan Review Green friendly

Is Electronic Plan Review Green friendly

Recently, cities  like Bend Oregon,  Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Washington D.C are discovering how essential electronic plan review is to their economic development strategy and their ability to establish  green-friendly grass-roots for  their respective communities. Beyond developing green-friendly programs, governments are also looking for ways to drive economic development to fund green friendly  programs. Cities like Chicago and New York are taking a competitive approach;   they are designing environments to attract more business and corporations from the green industry.  At the fore front of every major cities plan for becoming more green is the task of retrofitting older building and assuring that new structures are built using smarter infrastructure systems that promote energy and resource efficiency.

Electronically Planning For A Sustainable Future

Reviewing building plans electronically can speed up the approval process for permits on commercial and high-impact community development projects.  Electronic plan review streamlines the business process for engineering drawings and documents by reducing paper, speeding up the submission process, automating workflow and helping multiple departments collaborate on development projects more effectively.  When development and construction projects can be approved in days instead of many weeks or even months, communities reap the rewards in job stimulation, economic activity and tax revenues.

Environmental Benefits:
(based on a what a jurisdiction issuing 3000 permits and using ProjectDox would save)

  • 457,600 lbs. carbon monoxide emitted
  • 192,000 lbs. of paper used (239 trees
  • Approximately 12,000 lbs. of paper requiring storage

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