How is ProjectDox Implemented?

How is ProjectDox Implemented?

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Are you in charge of reviewing building plans for a city or town? If so, you may be interested in ProjectDox, by Avolve. This Electronic Plan Review solution is a piece of software designed to help you implement building plans in a collaborative and easy to use setting. The features associated with this program are absolutely unbelievable, too. Collaborating with your colleagues across different platforms while working toward one solid goal is an irreplaceable experience. Now, you may be wondering about how the implementation process works. Here are some ways this program is implemented.

Product Review

The first step in the implementation process involves bringing together all those involved in purchasing and approving new software. Anyone who holds a stake in the outcome of new software usage gets together for a meeting that illustrates how the program is used and the expected outcome of implementing it. Expectations for the program are also outlined during this meeting. This meeting gets everyone involved on the same page.

Business Process Maps

This step in implementing ProjectDox relates directly to creating best practice workflows for usage of this software. These process maps will describe how the software will work in your setting, as well as helping to further the understanding of those involved in the process. Creating the maps helps everyone get a deeper understanding of what the software is used for and how it will work in a particular setting.

Configure Process

Once decisions have been made and everyone is on the same page, the actual program can be installed. Avolve’s trained staff members will come to your office and implement the entire software bundle. They will also configure it to your requirements.

Hands-On Training

Once everything has been discussed, implemented, installed and configured, the last thing to do is teach your colleagues, coworkers and employees how to use ProjectDox. Avolve will handle this process for all of your staff. They will show you exactly how to use the program, as well as any features you may need. They do this through testing, outreach and hands-on learning for everyone who will be using the program. They want to make sure that everyone understands how to work the software so that you get the most out of your experience.

The implementation process associated with ProjectDox is driven and optimized by Avolve. They help you decide if the program is right for you, help you map your business process and configure the whole thing for you. They even train you and your employees on how to work the software without assistance.

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