How Is Security Achieved At Several Levels with ProjectDox

How Is Security Achieved At Several Levels with ProjectDox

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In today’s web-driver world, everyone wants to co duct anything from a bank deposit to purchasing a home online.  So much of our day to day lives take place online because of the convenience of never having to leave home and it is out of that reality that ProjectDox was born.  ProjectDox is a secure hub in which all information regarding a project can be accessed, documents submitted, edits made, messages sent and more.  Departments, outside agencies and citizens can all be granted access to a particular project so that easy workflow and communication is facilitated and projects can be completed more quickly.   ProjectDox projects can be accessed from anywhere that has a secure internet connection so convenience and ease are enhanced immensely.  But, while we have all grown comfortable with conducting so much of our day to day lives online, it can still be nerve-wracking to give out sensitive information online.   With ProjectDox, there is no need to fear because it is completely secure.

You may hear that it is secure but still be wary – after all, most websites claim that they have high levels of security but so often we hear about data breaches.  So, just how secure is ProjectDox, really?  Exceptionally secure.  ProjectDox utilizes the same levels of browser security that are used in online banking.  ProjectDox interfaces with existing network and application security that has already been deployed and enhances security with its own browser security to create a multi-level security approach.  This allows citizens and government personnel to rest assured that while projects are being completed security is not only maintained but enhanced to a level that had not been previously achieved.  In addition to creating a secure project environment, clients can opt to use ProjectDox cloud service.  With this option, information related to ProjectDox is stored in a data center cloud that is exceptionally secure as well.  All information is segmented and separated from other cloud clients and is never housed in the same database to ensure ultimate security.  This high level of security is something that IT personnel, government project stakeholders, citizens and all other participants can appreciate.  While operating in a secure environment, such as ProjectDox, all involved parties will be able to communicate freely and submit documents without fear that information could fall into the wrong hands or accidentally be sent to the wrong people.  ProjectDox is not only an unparallel project solution that facilitates communication and allows project work to happen easily but its high level of security shows just how seriously Avolve takes client information and satisfaction.

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