How ProjectDox Benefits Design and Construction Projects

How ProjectDox Benefits Design and Construction Projects

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ProjectDox is the premiere ePlan software that can store documents such as forms, project paperwork, drawings, CAD designs and much more.  It has revolutionized the process of working on, completing and storing project information.  It is used throughout the country in some of the largest jurisdictions but it works well in small jurisdictions as well.  This is because, at its core, ProjectDox streamlines and simplifies project work and communication which every jurisdiction needs.  ProjectDox is beneficial to many different departments and their various needs but it is particularly beneficial to jurisdiction design and construction.

So often, design and construction projects begin, even at the earliest stages, with lofty goals of project deadlines and finishing on time.  But, as we all know, as often happens in the construction industry, projects encounter delays.  Delays come about for a variety of reasons but frequently it is becaues of poor communication, slow distribution of information, documents or drawings and a review and approval process that is lengthy because of the amount of people involved in a project that get their information or documents at different times.  It is frustrating to know that a project could be completed much more efficiently and save a lot of money but does not because of these very controllable reasons.  The issue that many design and construction departments have is that they are so overwhelmed with their work that they do not have time to devise a way to make improvements.  This is why ProjectDox is so critical.  ProjectDox works with the department to determine specific needs and launch ProjectDox is the most effective way,  This allows for near immediate improvement in the design and construction process so that projects can be completed more quickly and for less money so that there is time and money left in the budget for whatever else is needed.  ProjectDox has been designed with managing customer and partner needs in mind so that everyone involved in the project, not just department personnel, will be comfortable with the new process and enjoy the benefits of it.  Because all documents, drawings and plans are kept in one safe and secure location, they can be accessed by anyone at any time that has permission and a secure internet location.  This allows for parallel plan review which expedites permitting.  It also allows for all involved to better manage risk because a project can be managed by all parties involved on a minute by minute, and even second by second basis.  Additionally, the technology used with ProjectDox is state of the art and within the secure environment there is 3D viewing support for building information models (BIM).    ProjectDox improves the process for any jurisdiction, small or large, and the benefits it offers to design and construction departments are unparalleled.

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