How ProjectDox Benefits Planning & Zoning Departments

How ProjectDox Benefits Planning & Zoning Departments

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Planning and zoning departments are largely responsible for what we see when we look around the cities in which we live.  There are certainly others involved, of course, that play critical roles in bringing things like drawings and plans to life.  Everyone from citizens, to outside agencies, to design and construction departments, to investors and much more help bring city infrastructure to life.  It allows for community growth, economic stimulation and a better and more beautiful environment in which to live.  Planning and zoning departments take a look at what already exists within given parameters and helps not only plan for the future of those parameters but devise a strategy in which to realize those plans.  This means determining what zones will be used for things like residential communities, office buildings, parks, retail settings, restaurants and parking structures.  And, over time, existing zoning may need to be changed to accommodate new growth within a city.  Planning and zoning departments have a big and important job and that means that they need every resource available to help make their jobs more efficient so that they can get more done and not slow down city development.

ProjectDox is an effective tool for any department and the planning and zoning department is no exception.  Planning and zoning projects and decisions are not typically left to a single individual – there are usually multiple people involved in a given project.  The communication necessary, as well as the distribution of important documents, drawings and plans is often tedious or may feel like a game of telephone.  It can be difficult to get everyone on the same page but if everyone is not, mistakes are made and delays are the unfortunate result.  ProjectDox facilitates effective communication but supplying a secure hub where communication can take place and all important documents and drawings for a project can be stored, edited, reviewed and approved.  Everything is meticulously tracked so that there is never confusion and instead there is complete transparency.  Changes can be made rapidly rather than taking a long amount of time due to slow distribution.  ProjectDox automates the process, including things like notifications so that, even when on the go, with a secure internet connection and appropriate project approval, anyone can access and update the project.  ProjectDox even integrates with GIS so that planning and zoning personnel can access necessary information, even from the job site or in an as-built environment.  No more locating an old file buried in some warehouse, everything is stored in one location and can be seen right on a GIS interface.  ProjectDox takes advantage of state of the art technology and simplifies the job of planning and zoning departments to allow for a smoother and expedited process that will benefit everyone in the community.

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