How ProjectDox Can Adapt To Your Requirements

How ProjectDox Can Adapt To Your Requirements

By Administrator

ProjectDox is the leading ePlan (Electronic Plan Review) software on the market and hundreds of municipalities and jurisdictions are already using, and benefiting from it.  ProjectDox takes a lot of complicated processes and simplifies them by creating a central hub for document submission, document storage, document editing, document approval, communication and more.  Processes that have traditionally been filled with pitfalls where information gets misconstrued or lost all-together, documents get lost and projects delayed can be streamlined for ultimate efficiency, improved workflow and increased revenue.  All of these benefits are something that any jurisdiction or municipality can benefit from but some may wonder if ProjectDox is the right fit for them depending on a variety of factors.  The good news is – it is!  Avolve is committed to working with customers to adapt ProjectDox to meet their needs.

ProjectDox can be implemented for any government department of any size and effectively tailored to meet the specific needs that arise.  Those that work in Plan Review and Permitting can benefit from ProjectDox because, once implemented, it can reduce review time which will ultimately accelerate economic growth in a town, city, or state.  Additionally, it provides the ideal way to archive your city’s built environment and streamlines the permitting process for everyone involved.  The Planning and Zoning department will enjoy improved communication that enhances effective collaboration between government and stakeholders to enhance economic growth.  Public Works and Capital Projects also need to effectively collaborate and communicate and with ProjectDox’s central hub, communications are never lost and a detailed log of all edits and communication is maintained for total transparency.  ProjectDox does not stop there, in fact, it benefits the Public Safety Planning department, as well as citizens.  In the event of any emergency that poses a risk to public safety, fire and emergency response personnel need the most accurate and current information to help swiftly restore safety.  Building plans and utility information can be stored within ProjectDox and accessed remotely by any necessary personnel, simultaneously, so response time can be improved for better public safety.

While all of these benefits sound great, you may have either a small government, or a particularly large government and wonder about scalability.  ProjectDox can be deployed in any size department or government and scaled to meet the needs of the individual client.  ProjectDox can be designed on spec or custom based on what the client needs.  Should you desire to host everything on site because you have a large and robust data facility, Avolve can help you get everything installed, launched and fully implemented and allow you the total control to host your own software.  If you have a small government or department that does not have the capability and data infrastructure to properly host ProjectDox while maximizing uptime, Avolve has a completely secure, state-of-the-art data facility that can host and manage ProjectDox for you.  Either way, the client enjoys all of the benefits of ProjectDox while being able to tailor ProjectDox to meet their needs.

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