How ProjectDox Enables a Collaborative Business Process

How ProjectDox Enables a Collaborative Business Process

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When you have a project that requires multiple sources of input and opinion, it can be difficult to find a way to make group meeting and discussing work among all parties involved. Schedule conflicts and travel distance are just a few of the things that make discussions impossible, but with ProjectDox, the new collaborate business process system, your endeavors can be comprehensive and accessible for all parties involved. There are several ways that this is achieved.

  1. Visible Processes

When groups of any size are working on a project together, changes and updates can cause confusion if all parties are not involved in each aspect. One of the advantages of this system is the visibility of any corrections or adjustments that are made to the document. The program will automatically generate overlay versions so that all viewers can compare distinctions and changes that were have been made and verify accurate information.

  1. Multiple File Formats

Rather than being limited in the type of file formats you and your collaborators will be able to use, ProjectDox is equipped to handle over 200 different types, including images and PDF files. You’ll have the ability and versatility to access a number of projects without worry about the format type, giving you a broader reach to complete more assignments.

  1. Fluid Approval Processes

When decisions need to be made, ProjectDox makes it easy to submit them for group approval. All involved parties will have the ability to review the proposals and give feedback and suggestions, then ratify for final approval. Having a community platform for the decisive process reduces wasted time and offers immediate opportunity for concise review and alterations. Your project details can be determined more quickly and efficiently when you use a collaborative business process to obtain input and produce a result.

  1. Multiple Interface Access

When you’re working with teams from several different departments, results can be achieved faster when all systems are interoperable. You won’t have to suffer from an isolated system that can’t perform data exchanges with other systems; instead, you’ll have the ability to submit permit, archival, land and asset management applications from one simple location. This exchange is two ways, meaning many permitting systems and government programs will be able to communicate back via the collaborate business process interface.

When you need to complete projects efficiently while working with multiple groups or individuals, the ProjectDox software can allow you to communicate in a timely manner and with perfect clarity. Interoperable interfaces, visible change overlays and broad accessibility are just a few of the many aspects that make this program one of the most beneficial for your project.

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