How ProjectDox Helps Building Officials Face A Variety of Challenges

How ProjectDox Helps Building Officials Face A Variety of Challenges

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Building departments are in charge of a lot, they must oversee the construction of new buildings to completion, ensuring the structural integrity is intact so that the health and safety of the jurisdiction’s citizens is protected at all times.  Managing the needs of citizens, stakeholders, department personnel and more can be a lot of work, and when you add in all of the paperwork, reviews, approvals, deadlines, and requirements, it is easy to see how things can get lost or not properly communicated during the process.  During the building process there is a lot of paperwork and with each necessary form, building plan, change, approval or anything else, the pile grows.  Distribution of paper files is not only wasteful from an economic standpoint but wastes time and often leads to confusion and mistakes.  Fortunately, ProjectDox, the leading ePlan review software, effectively eliminates information silos and effectively improves efficiency for building project approvals which accelerates jobs and revenue.

As mentioned, building departments face a variety of challenges during any given building project as part of their day to day job.  Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings is paramount to the health and safety of a jurisdiction’s citizens but that must be achieved while also balancing the diverse needs of stakeholders – a tricky combination.  Below are a few of the challenges that building officials face on a regular basis:

  • Inefficient manual processes make achieving that balance difficult.
  • Information is frequently locked away in data silos, inaccessible when it is needed most.
  • Building plan reviews are often paper-based processes.  Documents are misplaced.
  • Collaborating on projects with dispersed team members is time consuming.
  • Project status reporting is inaccurate and not timely.
  • Information about the built environment is not available to those who need it, when it is needed.

At Avolve, we spent countless hours carefully developing ProjectDox using our industry expertise, along with the input of government personnel, to develop an invaluable tool.  It has been so effective that over 100 building departments in the United States and North America have implemented ProjectDox successfully and are actively enjoying its various benefits.  ProjectDox is uniquely aiding building departments so that they can work together with the citizen applicant during the plan review and approval process.  Information is carefully stored, and edits, as well as reviews and approvals can be made at any time, from anywhere.  Avolve is completely secure and access is granted only to approved government personnel, citizen applicants or other stakeholders.  With approval, you can access information from anywhere that has a secure internet connection, including smart devices.  So, even if you are on the go, work does not have to stop and delays can be avoided.  Keep things running smoothly and efficiently, avoid information silos, and achieve a safe built environment through the use of ProjectDox.

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