How ProjectDox Improves Planning and Zoning

How ProjectDox Improves Planning and Zoning

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ProjectDox has more than proven itself as the premiere ePlan software available on the market.  Having worked carefully with government software manufacturers, as well as various government departments, we have a unique insider knowledge of what it takes to achieve ideal interoperability amongst stakeholders.  By doing so, we improve communication by eliminating information silos, help projects get completed faster and save everyone involved money.  ProjectDox offers a variety of benefits to a variety of departments.  For example, Planning and Zoning departments will enjoy a variety of benefits once ProjectDox has been implemented.

Planning and Zoning departments are faced with a unique of challenges unlike any other government department.  They are responsible for promoting a well-designed, livable and prosperous community.  But, every community is very different and the needs of that community when it comes to the built space vary significantly.  Planning and Zoning departments enlist the help of planners that are responsible for combining strategic vision with a practical approach to today’s developmental realities.  No simple feat since there are a lot of people involved from citizens, to government personnel, to investors, to contractors, to an assortment of other stakeholders – each with their own set of needs and opinions as well as the desire to be communicated with in an effective, accurate and timely manner.  Fortunately, ProjectDox is the ideal solution to streamlining processes and improving communication.  It effectively enables communication as well as collaboration amongst community stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times.  ProjectDox automates common processes and manages community planning operations that include land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and integrate to GIS.

ProjectDox not only facilitates projects for the Planning and Zoning department, but it carefully stores all information regarding the built environment within the community.  This helpful information can be accessed any time, from anywhere.  If you are on the job site, out of town, in the office or anywhere else that has a secure internet connection and a smart device or computer, you can access the information you need.  This helps dramatically reduce frustrating and costly delays but making information available 24 hours a day, right at your fingertips.  ProjectDox is a complex tool that provides a complete solution including project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps that you need to automate a planning process.  All that you need before, during and after a project can be found in ProjectDox, making it the ideal tool for all Planning and Zoning departments.


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