How ProjectDox Retains Security Within its Web Application

How ProjectDox Retains Security Within its Web Application

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ProjectDox is an incredible piece of software from Avolve which allows for construction projects to be designed, retooled, commented on, implemented and built in a constructive and collaborative setting. This Electronic Plan Review solution is a huge advance in any planning and construction process in that it functions online where many users can interact at once. However, that does beg the question of security. Just how does this piece of software maintain confidentiality in an online environment? Here are some of the privacy features for this piece of software.

Secure, High-Bandwidth Servers

Every web-hosted piece of software requires servers. There are data banks filled with servers scattered throughout the world. ProjectDox and Avolve have a secure data center located in Phoenix, Arizona. This locked down facility houses all the data stored within the software, as well as additional data. The site is managed exclusively by highly trained staff members employed directly by Avolve. This means there aren’t any third parties to worry about. Your data will remain secure with the company who is directly responsible for the program.

Data Segmented and Secured

All of the data within the program is segmented, meaning that it is split into sections, and stored away from any other related data. No pieces of the project are stored together, so that the project will be scattered over several servers in the data bank. This security feature means that, even if a data breach were to occur, there is virtually no risk of the thief getting their hands on everything.

Managed Cloud Service

The company is also proud to offer an incredible cloud sharing service. This service has its own extraordinary security features. Everything is maintained, installed, stored, monitored, tuned and upgraded directly by Avolve’s own staff. This reiterates their commitment to security by ensuring that there is only one point of contact that doesn’t directly involve you and your project.

In-House Security Means Accountability

This company is exceptionally committed to protecting the safety and privacy of your information. They do this through incredible in-house management. By hiring their own staff to handle the software and secure the data, they are ensuring accountability. When employees of the company, rather than third party contractors, are directly involved in privacy matters, you get great accountability for mistakes and breaches. If a breach occurs, you will immediately know who is responsible.

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