How the ProjectDox 4 Step Implementation Process Gets You Started

How the ProjectDox 4 Step Implementation Process Gets You Started

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When implementing a new software at work IT departments and personnel often begin to worry about the multitude of problems that could theoretically arise.  Lost data, security problems, workflow disruption, increased data management and so much more.  But, when a software can fundamentally improve business workflow in a way that no other software can, it is critical to get everyone on board for the change.  Luckily for IT departments and our clients overall, we at Avolve pride ourselves on the quality of customer service that we provide to ensure a completely satisfied client with software that functions ideally and easily.  As with any transition, there are kinks to work out because no two businesses are the same and with each unique business comes a unique set of challenges.  We are well-versed in the best techniques to properly implement ProjectDox and with our 4 step implementation process things will not only go smoothly but clients will feel well-trained and equipped to move forward with new software.

While we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach and uniquely adapt ProjectDox for each client, we have found that our 4 step implementation process ensures that clients feel well-trained to move forward and more than satisfied with how ProjectDox performs.  We begin by mobilizing ProjectDox through a detailed review process with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals and expected outcome.  Here we carefully craft our plan for implementation and training to ensure the most efficient approach for all parties.  With clearly determined goals in place and everyone on the same page, we begin the next phase which is to map out the integration of ProjectDox into the client’s workflow.  We work closely with clients to analyze and asses workflow so that ProjectDox can be fine-tuned to the unique needs of the client, ensuring workflow optimization.  We then begin the next phase which is to configure ProjectDox for our client.  Our experts at Avolve use the very same tools that clients will use in ProjectDox, such as project templates, eForms, workflow designer and checklists.  With those tools Avolve experts can craft ProjectDox to work with your specific business process and workflow.  And finally, with all systems in place, Avolve assists clients with training critical personnel so well that they will then feel equipped to train their own departments and users.  Additionally, community outreach can be performed so that everyone that might need to use ProjectDox will have a good understanding of how it works.  This form of on-boarding ensures that once Avolve has left, clients feel confident in their ability to use ProjectDox and train others to dos o as well.  And do not fear, Avolve has never truly “left.”  We continue to offer support and training as needed for clients moving forward.  We want clients to feel completely satisfied with ProjectDox and enjoy the transformative service it provides and we know that the best way to do so is through our 4 step implementation process.

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