How to Best Implement ProjectDox

How to Best Implement ProjectDox

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So often, it seems, software companies tout the benefits and advantages of using their products.  Those products are available for purchase but when it comes to implementation and use, you are on your own.  This is not only frustrating but impractical for the user.  The user ends up wasting time trying to figure out the way to maximize the software and make it work for their unique situation and needs.  And, perhaps, never even ends up using all of the features of the software because they are not the ones who designed the software.  At Avolve, we not only pride ourselves on having designed state-of-the-art software with incredible technology and significant advantages to the user, but we pride ourselves on how we assist our clients in implementation so that they can maximize their experience and get the most out of our software.  ProjectDox, the industry’s leading ePlan (electronic plan review) software is capable of transforming business operations and we work to make the implementation of our software, and transition to use, as streamlined and efficient as possible.

ProjectDox is customer-facing, meaning that it revolutionizes the way you collaborate with citizens and the business community.  ProjectDox work to eliminate information silos and maximize communication by creating a central hub for documents, plans, communications and more, effectively reducing delays to propel projects forward, saving time and money for everyone.  Through years of experience in the industry, and a steadfast dedication to our clients, we know that your success requires more of a vendor than merely installing and supporting an application. Our extensive real-world experience uniquely qualify Avolve consultants to help your company improve business operations, achieving superior financial results.  It is that experience that has helped us hone in on the best way to implement ProjectDox, below is our four step implementation process to get you started.  While the framework below has been proven to be successful, we know each of our clients are unique and we work closely with our clients to adapt processes as need, ensuring successful implementation so that you can begin to enjoy the benefits of ProjectDox right from the outset.

  • Mobilize
    • Bringing together stakeholders, we review the project plan and expected outcomes.  Roles are clearly defined and expectations set.  A final product review puts all participants on the same page.
  • Map
    • Best practice workflows are the foundation for facilitated requirements gathering sessions.  Together, we generate business process maps that describe how the system will work.
  • Configure
    • Our experts use ProjectDox tools — project templates, eForms,  workflow designer, and checklists — to encapsulate your business process in ProjectDox.
  • On-boarding
    • User Acceptance Testing, hands-on training, community outreach — a comprehensive on-boarding approach accelerates user adoption.


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