How To Improve Your City’s Emergency Response Time With Avolve

How To Improve Your City’s Emergency Response Time With Avolve

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Emergency response time is something emergency response personnel and government departments are often trying to improve upon.  After all, the faster the response, the more lives saved, the less damage incurred and the better a city and its citizens fair.   In a city emergencies are, unfortunately, unavoidable.  While they can be reduced, they cannot be eliminated and therefore, it is critical that everyone involved in emergency response take every step possible to help reduce response time.  This usually involves a lot of practice runs, detailed response plans and a careful execution of strategy.  But, sometimes, the unforeseen occurs and plans change quickly.  How can an emergency response crew respond to a 5 alarm fire in a commercial office building if they cannot work with detailed building plans because they have already gone up in flames in the manager’s office?  There has to be a more sophisticated, safe way to protect important documents that could be necessary in the event of an emergency and, at Avolve, we are here to tell you – there is!

ProjectDox is well known for delivering an unparalleled project management solution that allows for better communication, elimination of information silos between departments, and much more but that is not the only solution it offers.  Once ProjectDox has been implemented in a jurisdiction it can be used to not only store pertinent project information but plans and documents related to any building in the jurisdiction.  Paper based plans are at significant risk in the event of an emergency because they can be destroyed by things like fire and water.  By storing everything in ProjectDox emergency response personnel can quickly access the necessary documents and plans they need during an emergency to determine a course of action.  Additionally, by storing documents in ProjectDox, a strategy can be made in advance and plans marked up accordingly so that as soon as you pull them up electronically everyone will know what to do.  Important things such as gas and electric shut-offs, pipes, elevator controls, security patrols, building access points and more can be clearly marked on the documents in advance as well.  Rather than working from one set of plans, anyone that needs to can access the plans electronically during an emergency which allows everyone to get the information they need more quickly and respond more quickly.  Every second truly counts and with ProjectDox emergency response time and quality is dramatically improved to keep citizens and infrastructure more safe.

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