How We Provide Customer Support Services for Our Software Clients

How We Provide Customer Support Services for Our Software Clients

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When you invest in an Avolve Software product there are many distinct advantages.  First, Avolve Software products which include ProjectDox, Online Application Submission (OAS) and PlansAnywhere improve operational efficiency, communication, collaboration, emergency response, transparency, and more.  The products are all customizable and scalable depending on your unique jurisdictional needs and can easily adapt as needs change.  We understand that taking on new software can feel like a daunting task, particularly to your IT department, which is why we provide comprehensive support and customer service at all stages of software planning, installation, and deployment.

As a client with Avolve Software, you will receive a wealth of support including assistance with implementation, training and education, customer support, and ProjectDox User Groups for additional education and support from other product users like you.

With customer support, Avolve Software will help you enhance your knowledge base, you will have access to collaborative forums, and you will also have access to new product information and downloads.  This streamlines and improves your customer service and support experience for the most easy-to-use and efficient process possible.  All you do is simply submit a service ticket and our tracking system will provide you a consolidated view of your support case as it is resolved.

Customer support also includes the implementation of our products.  We have a four step implementation process that we believe helps you get the best possible start.  It begins with mobilization where we get together project stakeholders and review project plan and expected outcomes to that we can clearly define roles and expectations.  Next, we map out best practice workflows and generate business process maps.  Then, we our experts configure ProjectDox tools including project templates, eForms, workflow designed, and checklists to encapsulate your business process perfectly.  Finally, during on-boarding, you will participate in user acceptance testing, hands-on training, community outreach and more to ensure that a comprehensive user adoption takes place.

Further, as a customer you will have access to ProjectDox User Groups where you can discuss ideas and strategies as well as trouble-shoot with other ProjectDox users like you.  It is a great opportunity to collaborate and strategize new ways to creatively maximize your investment in Avolve software solutions.  We will also provide you with all education and training materials so that you always have answers to your questions right at your fingertips and can easily train any new employees to use ProjectDox as well.

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