Importance of An Automated Review & Approval Process

Importance of An Automated Review & Approval Process

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What is one of the biggest problems any building and planning project might run into?  Communication.  Poor communication is often at the root of many problems that lead to mistakes and delays which is not only frustrating but costly as well.  But, when communication is completely left to humans, there is bound to be slow communication or forgotten communication because a lot happens with building and planning projects.  Keeping track of everything and ensuring everyone is on the same page at all times is a big task so it is no surprise the balls gets dropped – often.  ProjectDox is a solution for managing and storing all documents involved in building and planning projects but it is also an ideal communication tool.  ProjectDox has an automated review and approval process that ensures everyone involved in any project gets automatically notified if changes have been made or if review and approval is needed.

Automated review and approval process offers a number of benefits.  First and foremost, all participants in are project are notified as soon as there is important information or documents that they need to see.  This means that waiting time between communications is reduced.  Rather than wondering if something has been done, participants are immediately notified and can then take necessary actions or make necessary changes right away.  This reduces delays due to communication issues that just draw out the length of a project and helps streamline the process.  Additionally, because review and approval is automated it takes any guesswork out of the project and leaves a detailed log of everyone that has seen changes and made edits.  This way, there is never a question of who made an edit or submission, and when, it is all recorded and participants notified.  The complete audit trail provided by ProjectDox encourages projects to stay on track and ensures individual accountability which anyone that has participated in a project knows is very important.  When plans are submitted that have to be reviewed and approved by all involved in the project, it could mean waiting on a great many individuals to become aware, review, approve and send.  But because ProjectDox automates the review and approval process everyone is notified and prompted through the process, ensuring timeliness so that projects stay on schedule and get completed on time.  This means that citizens and invested parties all enjoy the results of building and planning projects much sooner.  Additionally, it helps projects stay on budget as they are completed more quickly.  The automated review and approval process is one of the most important keys to helping ProjectDox, and clients, be successful with project completion.

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