Improving Project Management and Collaboration for Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments

Improving Project Management and Collaboration for Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments

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Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments oversee many projects and thus need the most effective and efficient plan management and review processes. Despite the need, there is often inefficiency in these departments because of information silos, slow paper-based processes, miscommunications, and more. More and more Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments are utilizing Avolve Software’s ProjectDox because of its many advantages in improving project management and collaboration.

ProjectDox enables real time collaboration between all stakeholders and accelerates project delivery by providing a ‘single source of truth’ for project management and collaboration. Rather than having multiple sources of information, ProjectDox provides one central hub for information to live and be transmitted to all team members easily. And, ProjectDox maintains a separate, versioned archive of all legacy plan versions for reference and audit trail.

With ProjectDox, it is easier than ever to keep up with all of the variables associated with a given project including team coordination, managing milestones, meeting due dates, RFIs, and change orders. And, those challenges and variables only grow as your city continues to grow. Without an efficient and easily scalable software solution in place, the challenges can quickly get out of control. Fortunately, it is easy to manage these challenges and be prepared for all variables with ProjectDox’s best-in-class business process workflows. These workflows have been designed, tested and proven to work well for Pub lic Works departments. And, if your department oversees any capital projects, ProjectDox’s workflows help automate the plan management and review process to enable realtime collaboration between stakeholders. By doing so, it accelerates project delivery for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Once implemented, ProjectDox equips your Public Works and Capital Improvement Department teams for the successful delivery of projects that involve building assets, public right of ways, roads and bridges, traffic, utilities, water, storm water, wastewater, and sanitation. ProjectDox facilitates true collaboration which improves departmental efficiency and project completion efficiency by allowing project team members instant web access to all project data while maintaining a fully versioned document history. While collaboration is facilitated, security is never sacrificed. All project data is permission-accessed and securely controlled for both internal and external team members. And, once the project is complete, as-built plans are maintained (and remain workable) to be utilized for ongoing maintenance and future development. Ultimately, ProjectDox is the ultimate tool to equip your Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments for success in project management and collaboration.

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