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industry leadership

Avolve Software Corporation and our CEO, Ron Loback, are at the leading edge of ePlan technology on a national scale. Our corporate leadership in ePlan arena has been and continues to be demonstrated in the following ways:

White papers on ePlan Best Practices
Avolve Software has sponsored and co-written industry white papers that are sanctioned by leading technology and industry organizations FIATECH and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). These resources are being used by jurisdictions and competitors alike to educate and lead communities forward regarding ePlan technology in particular and government streamlining in general.

FIATECH Task Force Co-Chair
In 2009, Avolve CEO Ron Loback was invited to co-chair a FIATECH national task force dedicated to providing local and state governments with leading-edge technology solutions and best-practices in the planning, design, construction and management of land and building assets. Through its FIATECH leadership role, Avolve Software is working side-by-side with both commercial and governmental groups, such as the National Institute of Building Sciences, the National Institute of Standards, the SMARTBuilding Alliance and several Fortune 100/500 companies on next-generation solutions for building regulatory agencies and their constituents.

Replicable Buildings Standards (in conjunction with the ICC), “Digital Cornerstone” lifecycle management and Building Information Model (BIM) migration processes and methodologies are a few of the projects that Avolve Software is helping to guide and bring to fruition on behalf of local governments and their commercial constituents.

FIATECH is an industry consortium that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects. FIATECH membership is comprised of distinguished management and research personnel from federal agencies, private sector companies (including the Fortune 100/500), and state and local governments. FIATECH sponsors a work group focused on the implementation of Building Information Models (BIM) and other leading technologies for the purpose of streamlining the regulatory process. For more information, visit www.fiatech.org.

International Code Council (ICC) Development Partnership
Avolve Software is a commercial partner of the ICC eCodes and SMARTCodes integration program. The International Code Council, a membership association dedicated to building safety, fire prevention and energy efficiency, develops and maintains a majority of the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. www.iccsafe.org

BIMForum (AGC-Associated General Contractors) Legal Subforum
In January 2010, the FIATECH Streamlining Subcomittee, on which Ron Loback serves as co-chair, participated in the AGC BIMForum Winter Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Government Building and IT officials as well as industry experts and FIATECH committee members presented the current state of digital plan review processes and methods in contrast to commercial practices using BIM technology. The goal was to inform the commercial construction industry’s leading technologists of the progress and ongoing need to continue building relationships with local government officials as a means establishing state-of-the-art submission and review practices.

The audience listened intently as city and county officials using ePlan told of the great progress made to date and how they are working to improve ePlan even further. The BIMForum Legal Subforum was then tasked to identify specific tasks required to expand awareness among AGC membership concering the use of electronic plan review technology. FIATECH Streamlining Subcommittee members Ron Loback and Robert Wible, as well as officials from Salt Lake City, have been invited to participate as Legal Subforum members to continue the work.