Interoperability Is The Key To Efficient Project Completion

Interoperability Is The Key To Efficient Project Completion

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All governments can benefit from improved interoperability.  Government departments often operate as individual silos of information but that does not make for easy project completion when a project involves multiple departments.  Government departments each have their own processes, forms and sometimes even software but if all of those things cannot communicate and function well with other departments, information may get lost in communication, confusion occurs and a project takes far longer to complete.  Closed systems are not designed for interoperability but ProjectDox is an open system that has been specifically designed with interoperability in mind.

In many traditional government setups, information silos (aka islands of automation or data stovepipes) occur because applications cannot exchange information with other systems.  This kind of closed off functionality is not convenient, efficient or effective.  ProjectDox’s open framework allows for easy interaction while still maintaining the height of security protocol.  ProjectDox does this does this by using standard interface technology and connects with other business systems and application types.  This may include permitting, land management, asset management, archival systems and more!

With ProjectDox, users can easily exchange information between applications and maintain effective and efficient communication throughout the entirety of a project.  ProjectDox works well with many existing permitting systems such as Accela, SunGard, Infor, Computronix, Tyler Technologies, CSI Magnet, and others.  ProjectDox is the definition of an open system – it supports over 200 defined Web Services that communicate with back-office business systems.  Avolve’s staff has extensive domain experience and knowledge that has helped carefully craft ProjectDox to be the best-in-class ePlan review software that it is today.

Throughout the project life cycle efficient communication and inter-departmental/stakeholder transparency are facilitated.  Because interoperability is made easy with ProjectDox, many processes are automated effectively which helps reduce redundancy, expedite reviews/approvals, and keeps everyone on the same page. An additional benefit of ProjectDox is that there is no confusion over exactly what is needed form each department.  Everything must be checked off within ProjectDox to complete the project so that nothing gets missed.  When things get missed, a signature gets forgotten, a form does not get filed, etc. a costly or frustrating delay occurs.  But, with ProjectDox, each department knows exactly what they are responsible for and can easily see what has and has not been done yet and then take the appropriate action.  Any government, large or small, can improve interoperability to facilitate more effective and efficient project completion for their community.

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