An Introduction to Our Best-In-Class Workflows

An Introduction to Our Best-In-Class Workflows

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We talk often about ProjectDox’s advantages and one huge advantage is our ‘best-in-class workflows.’  But, while our workflows are just that, the best in their class, some people may not be sure what that means or what our workflows achieve.  At Avolve, we poured our decades of experience and knowledge into developing ProjectDox to not just be useful, but work exceptionally well and efficiently for government departments and stakeholders.  We did not simply guess at needs, we know that experience counts and, as the market leader and innovator, Avolve Software has been able to successfully implement ProjectDox in over 150 jurisdictions.  Our workflows represent the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interactions, design and development hours spent addressing customer’ electronic plan review needs, and more.  Through the use of ProjectDox’s workflows, jurisdictions across North America are experiencing significant advances in efficiency, cost-savings, reduction in paper use, and economic growth through expedited processes.

ProjectDox’s workflows are useful to a variety of departments and their unique needs.  Plan review workflows are useful for planning and zoning because they enable effective collaboration and efficient processes among stakeholders.  Further, our workflows are advantageous for public works and capital projects departments because the workflows are a flexible framework in which to exchange information and collaborate on things like project drawings, documents and other information.

ProjectDox’s best-in-class workflows include things like project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps that you need to easily and effectively automate the planning process and access of as-built information.  These business-critical process activities have been slow and inefficient in the past but workflows make them simple, straightforward, and easy for anyone to use.  Our extensive domain experience allowed us to create the ideal process submission, review and approval workflows for departments including Building and Permits, Planning and Zoning, Land Development, Capital Improvement Projects, Public Works Projects, Parks and Planning, and Public Safety Planning.  We have a workflow for any of your needs and our workflows can also be customized to make them even more effective for your unique department.  We know you cannot spend months implementing a new software, governments cannot just shut down while they learn to implement a new system. ProjectDox is quick and easy to on-board because our workflows make implementation straightforward. Through the use our best-in-class workflows, you will improve efficiency and collaboration in your department.



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