Introduction to Avolve’s PlansAnywhere

Introduction to Avolve’s PlansAnywhere

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We have all seen a major shift in the workplace to reduce paper usage and go more digital wherever possible.  In part, this is to be more eco-friendly, or “green,” in the workplace but it is also because digital file storage makes for easier access, cross-departmental collaboration and safer storage.  When storing digital files there can be redundancy and backup, all virtually accomplished, without taking up rooms or warehouses full of file cabinets to ensure information is safe, managed and retained.  Retrieving files from this archaic form of storage is time consuming, frustrating and, often, important data gets lost.  When the rest of the world moves at a lightning fast pace from going digital, maintaining traditional filing systems will simply set you back and leave you in the dust.  Not only is it inefficient, but it can lead to costly problems as well.  Just think of an emergency, for example, in which emergency responders need to access plans to formulate their emergency response plan.  Let’s say a fire breaks out at a large commercial office building.  If building plans are stored in a manager’s office or utility room that has been compromised by the fire, it will be impossible to provide emergency responders with the plans they need to formulate the best and most safe response effort.  When plans an files are stored electronically they can be digitally accessed by project managers, emergency responders, facility managers, inspectors, business owners, code-enforcement personnel and more whenever needed, wherever needed.

PlansAnywhere is the solution to digitally storing plans and data for optimized ease of access.  Through secure cloud storage, plans and files are always protected and backed up so that critical information is never lost.  PlansAnywhere uses the Salesforce 1 Platform, along with secure cloud storage, Open Data and mobile and desktop technologies to better facilitate communication and collaboration on any building projects.  Plans and data can be securely accessed, edited or updated from anywhere that has a secure wireless connection.  Additionally, all information can still be accessed offline should no wireless connection be available.  PlansAnywhere uses Google Maps as the primary user interface for individuals to locate desired data.  It is a location-based model that can integrate with multiple data systems and logs data on a timeline for any given site.  This means that all activity for a site can be easily tracked through a detailed log system.  Through PlansAnywhere individuals can access exactly what information they need for a site, when they need it, whether in office or in the field.  Records managers can quickly and efficiently do their jobs while emergency responder can instantly access critical information for improved response efforts.  And, everyone in between can benefit from PlansAnywhere and its flexibility and availability as well.  In this digital world where people need things at their fingertips in an instant, PlansAnywhere facilitates better plan and document management through cloud storage and unique software so that important information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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