Invest in ProjectDox Software to Maximize Your Government Software Investment

Invest in ProjectDox Software to Maximize Your Government Software Investment

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More and more government jurisdictions are moving towards a paperless workplace.  There are many reasons to do this – reducing paper usage saves money, electronic files are easier to catalog and find when needed, is more eco-friendly, and expedites processes.  As jurisdictions reduce their paper usage they need software that is capable of facilitating document storage, application submission, communication, and more.  Departments often experience information silos, poor communication, and a difficulty sharing information and collaborating on projects.  ProjectDox provides a central hub where projects can be completed with ease and documents can be stored for use before, during, and after project completion.  All information is stored in one place and communication is logged and tracked for complete transparency.  And, this improved project process ultimately allows projects to be completed more quickly and accurately which saves significant money. Though there is a variety of software that is designed for such use, none is as effective and efficient as ProjectDox.  And, none can maximize your investment and provide high return on investment like ProjectDox can.

There is a reason that more cities and counties use ProjectDox for ePlan review than all other comparable products combined.  In the past 4 years alone, Avolve has added 66 jurisdictions to our user base and we currently serve over 140 jurisdictions.  Those jurisdictions are realizing the daily benefits of implementing ProjectDox, as well as the long term benefits and return on investment.  Even if they aren’t aware of it, 1 in 5 people in North America live in communities that are growing with and benefiting from our solutions.  It is not something you just have to take our word on, ProjectDox is a proven leading technology that provides a big ROI.  According to Fiatech, the leading source for emerging, advanced and innovative capital project delivery practices, “Jurisdictions using ePlan technology have reduced plan review and approval times between 30-40% on average.”

Through the use of Avolve’s leading ePlan review solution – ProjectDox – jurisdictions are able to efficiently expedite processes such as permitting, application submissions, inspections, licensing, and more.  Economic growth is fueled by these processes so by streamlining them jurisdictions are able to generate more revenue.  Additionally, because ProjectDox is so effective, the rate of error is greatly diminished so that processes are more consistent and consistent, with far less wasted time and money.  Some jurisdictions are experiencing a rate of as much as 80% ROI in the first year alone!  ProjectDox is an investment that will keep on giving in improved processes, economic growth and significant ROI.


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