Is Hosting Service Right for You?

Is Hosting Service Right for You?

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ProjectDox has a myriad of advantages to offer to clients when deployed in government departments. But, while some jurisdictions understand that, they do not want to take on the burden of managing or expanding IT departments and installing and managing the software.  Whether your jurisdiction is large or small, Avolve Software can assist you with hosting service so that you can receive all of the benefits of ProjectDox without any of the IT burden!

Government departments may hear about hosting services but worry about security but our managed cloud services for ProjectDox run in a completely secure, state-of-the-art data center located in Phoenix, AZ.  Avolve works with a hosting partner, the Phoenix NAP, which is an SOC2 compliant partner.  This ensures the environment’s security, confidentiality and processing integrity.  Your information is completely secure and we guarantee that all data is segmented and secure fro other hosted customers so that it never resides in the same database as someone else.

Hosting services make customer’s lives easier because expert Avolve staff will manage your application which includes installation, monitoring, management, fine-tuning, and upgrading your ProjectDox application as needed for you. Our hosting service is a high-bandwidth integration between ProjectDox and back-end systems such as Community Development, ERP, and Document Management systems so no interoperability is ever sacrificed..  Our Service Level Agreement ensures high-system availability for customers and because we make guarantees about our uptime we stringently track our uptime.  Should something ever happen with your software, by utilizing hosting service our experts can quickly diagnose the problem and rapidly remedy it – 24/7.  Hosting service simply makes ProjectDox faster, better and smarter and allows for a very fast deployment.

Another distinct advantage of utilizing ProjectDox hosting service is that we customize workflows and integrations uniquely for your needs.  There are 4 features that Avolve hosting service offers to clients: security, backup, redundancy, and failover. This means that we never configure to the lowest common denominator but carefully and strategically adapt ProjectDox software to meet your jurisdiction’s needs.

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