Key Business Process Features of ProjectDox

Key Business Process Features of ProjectDox

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ProjectDox, the industry’s leading ePlan review software, is an open-access business process enabler for any building projects within a community.  ProjectDox better facilitates these projects by offering non-silo content access, better collaboration, and prompted review/approval decision making.  Through the myriad of key business process features of ProjectDox, departments experience a real, tangible improvement in efficiency, visibility, and ease in working together which ensures improved community safety and dramatically accelerates economic growth.

Key Business Process Features:

  • Departments including Building Permits, Planning & Zoning, Land Development, Capital Projects, and Public Works have access to best practice process workflows.
  • Workflow reviews are serial, concurrent, and parallel and submittals are partial and deferred.
  • There are quick reviews for anything needing clarifications and/or exceptional handling.
  • Reassignment exception handling has a robust workflow reassignment uniquely designed for it.
  • Users will be able to upload their document submission. Departments are able to pair ProjectDox with our OAS offering for easy online application submission as well as payment processing.
  • The resubmit letter comes with auto-attachment generation of correction markups and comments.
  • ProjectDox has multi-page PDF creation along with batch stamping.
  • ProjectDox can interface with multiple other business applications including permitting solutions.
  • Departments do not have to acquire any additional licensing for external third party agencies and plan examiners.
  • ProjectDox features a comprehensive audit trail and contains analytical reports that show things like time to complete, workload tracking, and more.


Included Web View Features:

  • There are over 200 file forms available in ProjectDox including AutoCAD, PDF, images, and Office documents.
  • Users can markup documents without the fear of changing legal integrity or overwriting files.
  • Users have the ability to overlay document versions which provides an opportunity to compare changes and see differences.
  • Users can compare plans from end-to-end to verify things like utilities, sewer lines, etc.

New Bluebeam® Viewer Interface: (v8.6)

  • ProjectDox users can now use the new Bluebeam Revu® viewer along with ProjectDox.
  • ProjectDox’s Best-in-Class process workflows facilitate the use of Revu PDF markup files.
  • ProjectDox centrally manages PDF files with optimal security.
  • Revu and ProjectDox’s web viewers can be used in conjunction.


Capture Location and Export Features:

  • ESRI ArcGIS integration uses location aware geo=tagging and multi-permit geo-access.
  • ProjectDoxcan be leveraged to capture and record the built environment.
  • ProjectDox users can export approved project plans and documents to a geo-accessible online digital warehouse.
  • ProjectDox integrates to Avolve Software’s cloud based PlansAnywhere to record plans, videos, images and associated documents for later use by field and fire inspectors/responders.


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