Avolve has departmental eplan solutions
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Departmental Solutions

Avolve was the first company to deliver eplan review software to local government and has been providing this multi-departmental value for over fifteen years.

Department specific solutions bring a new level of review efficiency and insight, allowing work to be done from anywhere at anytime, with process structure and accountability.

No other company has our depth of process experience, go lives and success.

About Avolve's ePlan Life Cycle solutions.

Building Departments

Ensuring the compliance and integrity of buildings is paramount for public health and safety. Building Officials are also tasked with achieving faster permit issuance to accelerate growth development.
Doing more becomes challenging with bulky paper processes or a hodgepodge electronic plan review solution using PDF-viewers, simple file shares or email file attachments. ProjectDox solves this.
Bring amazing efficiency and applicant ease to building department reviews for:
Customer service excellence

Assembles, manages and records all correction communications and responses across all cycles

Guided applicant experience for uploading, correction responses, downloading approved plans

Works with your permitting system or use stand-alone

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Planning Departments

Planners combine vision with practical approaches to create well designed, and prosperous communities. Working with citizens, community leaders, and outside agencies, planners strive to build consensus by careful design review consideration.
ProjectDox for Planning Departments promotes, enables and captures plan review communication and collaboration among city, county, state and third-party stakeholders.
ProjectDox manages planning plan reviews for:

Work remotely, including third party agencies.

Auto manages workfow progression to agency required response period.

Select and export review comments and responses into council staff report documents.

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Engineering, Public Works and Utility Departments

Engineering, Public Works, and Utility Departments depend on ProjectDox for all types of project reviews – including Capital Improvement Projects, ROW’s, Fiber, Sewer/Drain water, and Small Cell reviews can sometimes involve “many” internal and external 3rd party agency reviewers. ProjectDox provides online access to the current and previous versions of project plans. It ensures that all participants know what they need to review and when it’s due.
ProjectDox is a process solution that interweaves configurable workfows, markup viewers (including Bluebeam® Revu®), file and review communication management all together.
Bluebeam and Revu are registered trademarks
of Bluebeam Inc.

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Fire Departments

The principal role for all Fire department is to protect lives and property. Some Fire Departments work independently from their Building Departments, others participate as one of several reviewing departments for building permit eplan reviews.
Some states have Fire departments chartered to serve smaller municipalities within, and to perform fire protection design reviews for all public buildings and structures.

Enables efficient plan set review for fire sprinklers, fire egress, electrical control systems, roofing designs and fire containment.


By doing electronic plan reviews approved plans can be digitally field accessed in PlansAnywhere during on-site inspections.

Following the initial deployment of GOVmotus™//Fire, CAL FIRE leadership and IBTS began discussing how to integrate Eplan Review for permit approvals. ProjectDox had the capabilities and sophistication to meet CAL FIRE’s needs in addition to a team that was fully able to collaborate with CAL FIRE and IBTS to customize an integrated solution. Select and export review comments and responses into council staff report documents.     

About ePlan Life Cycle for Fire.

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