Online Application SaaS Solution
that makes it easy for applicants to
request services from your
jurisdiction’s Building, Planning
and Public Works departments.

Improving the Applicant Experience

Enable an online self-service experience for applicants and greatly reduce lobby traffic and counter waiting. Avolve’s OAS is configurable for many types of submission applications and it includes online forms for building maintenance permits, ePlan Reviews, and post approval addendums/revisions.

OAS features:

Legacy Permit Systems

Provides an online experience

Saves Applicant Time

Auto-fills, application reuse

Entry Validation

Address & contractor licenses

Applicant Self-serve

Retrieve prior submissions

Intelligent Forms

Form adapts to entry received

Pay Fees

Supported payment processing

ePlan Review Submissions

Use OAS with ProjectDox to provide an exceptional applicant experience. In OAS, the applicant can upload files, respond to corrections, see review status and download approved plans.

Simple Maintenance Permits

Use OAS for online self-serve maintenance permitting like roof replacements, boiler or gas water heater replacement, and other simple projects.

“I have used all local jurisdictions’ digital submittal processes and I
have to say this was # 1 in ease of use, organization, and layout.”

OAS for online applicant experience

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