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Online Applicant Services (OAS) 2

What is OAS?

OAS is online application services solution that makes it easy for applicants to interact with your jurisdiction’s building, planning, fire and public works departments online.  The benefits to your customer (applicant) is ease, availability and convenience.  For your jurisdiction it reduces lobby traffic, brings automated efficiency to simple (self-serve) permit transactions, and it enables jurisdictions to easily change eForms and services as required.


Automates Continuous Revenues:  Speeds electronic application process and payments with online transactions and eliminates customers waiting at counter.

Run standalone or integrated:  OAS can run standalone or integrated as a web front end to an existing permitting system of record.

Change as required:  Jurisdictions can easily change forms, activities, button labels and help messages through configuration screens.


Simple Permit


ePlan Review
Applicant Experience


Applicants submit self-serve permit forms online, pay the required fee, and then receive a permit.

OAS can validate information to external databases, like contractor licensing.  Applicants will greatly appreciate the ease in submitting repetitive permit forms.

OAS delivers the entire applicant experience for a jurisdiction’s ePlan Review process in seamless combination with ProjectDox.

An applicant dashboard indicates review progress and any actions required form them to complete in, to the review process. The result is faster permit issuance which drives faster economic growth for the community.

OAS is integrated with Inspection Scheduling provided by Selectron (separately licensed).

OAS can be interfaced to other existing online inspection scheduling systems if required.