Easy Online Application Submission

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What is OAS?

OAS is a citizen access web portal that makes it easy to submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdiction’s web site or Avolve hosted SaaS solution.  Working seamlessly with Avovle’s ProjectDox, OAS provides an applicant-facing interface to the plan review process. OAS can optionally integrate with a jurisdiction’s permitting system and online fee payment processing.


OAS features highly-configurable eForms that are dynamic and intelligent, making it super easy for Applicants to start their submission process online.  

  • Self-service
  • Wizard style dynamic application forms with help tips
  • Auto populate forms with applicant info
  • Confirms address and geo-location
  • Easy to submit multiple applications and types
  • Pay fees online

Why OAS?

Create customizable eForms that enable easy online submission and when properly completed, trigger the start of the plan review review workflow process in ProjectDox. 

Create Account
OAS manages Applicant account creation and profile.  Uses this information to auto-fill form fields.
Choose a Form
A jurisdiction can have multiple types of application forms to submit. Forms can provide configured entry choices to reduce applicant error.


Complete Form
OAS makes is easy with auto-fill, valid entry choice drop lists, and dynamic form choices based on responses.   Applicants can edit previous applications to quickly create new or multiple similar submissions.
Submit & Pay
When all required fields entered applicant can submit and pay. Payment starts the ProjectDox plan review process; first task is for applicant to upload project files to be review.

OAS meets your goals for 24×7 citizen services excellence, ease, and departmental efficiency.

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