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With shelter in place restrictions closing operations to public traffic, Avolve Software is helping our customers during the current health crisis maintain building departments and operate business as usual. With ProjectDox online solution, employees and constituents are able to do their work from home – moving projects forward and keeping everyone safe!
ProjectDox Electronic Plan Review Software allows jurisdiction employees to conduct “Business as Usual” from their home. ProjectDox allows applicants to submit plans – and jurisdictions to review, access and manage building plans and trade permits electronically no matter the challenge, or where you work.

If you don’t have ProjectDox and need to find a way to keep your department open for business – we can help.

PaperlessNOW is an Avolve Cloud Solution with a proven best in class building plan review workflow. It is deployed remotely and comes with online training for a fast go-live deployment to get your jurisdiction operating to move projects forward in your community, while keeping your employees and citizens safe!

The PaperlessNOW rapid launch deployment is designed to get your jurisdiction back up and running in weeks

. Avolve will deploy and configure an out-of-the-box business process that enables your Building Department Plan Reviewers to access the documents and drawings they need to review / approve projects. This is an ePlan review solution that will work for your jurisdiction, no matter what challenges we face.

See how jurisdictions are having success with ProjectDox

ProjectDox PaperlessNow provides a best-in-class plan review workflow with task assignment accountability. The solution interweaves applicant file uploading and markup versioning management, applicant communication management, file processing and stamping, and dashboard reporting.

ProjectDox provides a highly configurable workflow, interlaced with content management, built for the process complexities of reviewing building designs.

  • Unlimited users
  • Project-centric document & version control
  • Bulk upload applicant submission capability
  • Maintains legal integrity of applicant documents
  • Manages correction submissions with advanced revision compare
  • Task assignment and notifications, with accountability/reporting
  • Batch approval stamping

ProjectDox Supports Your Goals:

Deployed in Weeks – Open for Business
online process keeps citizens and employees safe

Keep Economic Development Moving Forward
get things built faster
Project-centric Document Management
more than a viewer
Time & Staff Management
better collaboration & transparency
Efficient Use of Resources
do more with less

Jurisdictions using ProjectDox have been resilient and able to remain operational under recent pandemic restrictions:

Hillsboro, OR “…business as usual, 50% working from home, thank you Avolve. Yay!”

Carmel, IN “….all of our staff are equipped to work from home….no interruption of service thanks to Avolve’s electronic plan solution! Business continuity at its best!”
Vancouver, WA “I’m so thankful we have ePlans! That is really helping our City through this trying time. Other jurisdictions are stuck but we’re able to work remotely so everyone is safe and still has a paycheck. What a blessing!”
Detroit, MI “ProjectDox has been a lifeline throughout this remote pandemic process BSEED has in place!”
Santa Monica, CA Things are going well. We didn’t face the issues other are facing.”
Is your jurisdiction facing restrictions that are stalling building permits? Contact Avolve today to learn how our rapid launch solution can get you back on track, keep your employees / citizens safe and continue to move projects forward.

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