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Phoenix Launches Electronic Plan Review

Phoenix Launches Electronic Plan Review

To read this announcement on the City’s web site click here

To read the November 11th follow-up article on AZCentral.com, click here

Nov. 4, 2013

The city’s Planning & Development Department today launched Electronic Plan Review (EPR), an online building plan submittal, review and payment program, to streamline the building plan review process.

By submitting plans electronically at phoenix.gov/epr, the streamlined process will allow for several cost and time-saving efficiencies including: eliminating large and costly paper versions of building plans; allowing designers to submit plans 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the convenience of their office; allowing online payment for plan review and permits; allowing simultaneous review of plans by all city professional and trade disciplines; and providing the customer a complete list of corrections with electronic links to the page location.

The new EPR system is linked to the city’s existing permitting system so customers will still be able to monitor the plan review process via the web.

“This is one of the first things we began working on when I took office and I’m excited we were able to get this common-sense, business-friendly project done,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “Electronic Plan Review will give local businesses the tools they need to cut through the red tape and create jobs in our community.”

In addition to improving productivity through more efficient simultaneous review and communication, EPR allows city reviewers to make mark ups directly to electronic plans, enhancing clarity of communication between the city and designers. Also, the city can more efficiently store building plans electronically.

“Online permitting allows all businesses, especially small businesses, to not waste time opening their doors,” said Councilman Sal DiCiccio.  “People get jobs faster and it brings more stability to our city.”

“Electronic plan review creates a seamless process for our customers,” said Councilman Tom Simplot.  “From a home remodel to adding a skyscraper to Phoenix’s skyline, our customers can easily submit their plans for approval online. Saving time, saving money and keeping Phoenix moving!”

Paper plans are still accepted.

For more information on EPR, call 602-534-9624 or visit phoenix.gov/epr.
Media Contact:

Sina Matthews | 602.534.6648

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