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Our plan review SaaS software delivers faster faster permit issuance for over 150 cities, counties and states. The software greatly improves applicant communication, examiner collaboration and efficiency, and it captures a complete record of review comments and applicant responses.

The SaaS solution accepts the plan set file upload after applying submission policy checks for digital signing, sheet size, and naming convention.   Once files are submitted, Project assigns reviewers with task due dates.  It assembles all plan review comments, from all departments and outside agencies involved, into a single applicant communication.

Our software provides:
  • Online submission with automated precheck
  • Configurable workflows for building, planning, engineering, fire and ROW
  • Efficient examiner step-through verify feature to quickly compare and resolve resubmitted version corrections
  • Tracks every aspect of the process, with immediate access of status and the time elapsed with applicant and municipality
  • Integrated to permitting and land management solutions
Accelerate job creation and revenue generation by streamlining the time it takes to get buildings built in your community, employing people and generating commerce revenues faster.

“Reviews now take one quarter of the time, and project managers receive stakeholder comments 75% sooner.”

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