How Does PlansAnywhere Achieve Better Community Safety?

How Does PlansAnywhere Achieve Better Community Safety?

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City government personnel and emergency response personnel take citizen safety very seriously.  In the event of an emergency, response speed can make a dramatic difference.  If response time is fast it can reduce citizen injury or death and can help reduce costly damage to city infrastructure.  Typically, an emergency is a very challenging experience for all personnel involved because everyone needs the most current, up-to-date information including building plans, utilities and more.  They all need this information as soon as possible but if there is only one set of building plans it can be difficult to get the information as well as share the information with everyone in a timely, effective and accurate matter.  And, if for instance, there is a fire in a building and the building plans are inside the building itself, it may be impossible to even get the necessary information to make an accurate response plan.  For this reason, and more, PlansAnywhere is the ideal solution to improve response time by making accessing information from any location easier and more accurate.

PlansAnywhere is just as it sounds – you can access important plans and documents – anywhere.  You can go directly to the site where you are needed most  and access any plans you might need from any device with a secure internet connection.  Smart phones, iPhones, iPads, computers and laptops can all access plans simultaneously so everyone has immediate access to the most accurate information.  In addition to online access, PlansAnywhere allows the ability to select multiple files for offline access on mobile devices.  Plans Anywhere uses geo-location to remotely access site information, drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building or structure.  A city’s built environment is complex and ever-evolving.  Plans or building information that was accurate 3 years ago may no longer be accurate and it is that inaccurate information that can lead to confusion and delays.  Rather than having to know specific names or numbers, PlansAnywhere uses a location-based data model or “site” to organize information efficiently, process documentation and make informed decisions.  In addition to the importance of being able to access site information, PlansAnywhere also makes it possible to edit or add site information as needed.  That means that if something needs to be updated to provide better information during an emergency, updates can be made remotely so there is no delay.  PlansAnywhere also has a site timeline that tracks and records site data and activity history/genealogy.  Finally, PlansAnywhere with a variety of data systems including GIS (Google Maps), Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, First-Response and more.  All of these features streamline what can be a very stressful, confusing, and urgent situation and help emergency response personnel better perform their jobs and improve citizen safety.

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