PlansAnywhere: A Digital Warehouse for Inspectors and Responders

PlansAnywhere: A Digital Warehouse for Inspectors and Responders

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Ask any inspector or emergency first responder what one of the most important things they need to effectively and efficiently do their job is and they will tell you: building and city plans.  Then, ask any inspector or emergency first responder what can be one of the most difficult things to get a current and accurate version of quickly when they need it and they will tell you: building and city plans.  This is a problem.  Fortunately, it is a problem that Avolve Software has solved with PlansAnywhere.

PlansAnywhere is a new ProjectDox mobile app and cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. PlansAnywhere truly functions as a digital warehouse of the most current information for inspectors and responders. It enables field access to view all key site data related to a structure by geo-location.  That key information includes things like a building site’s history, task lists, eForms, geo-located content and all images and documents that are associated with a specific building.  The information can be access from any smart device or computer with a secure internet connection.  And, the information can be accessed instantly and simultaneously, which is particularly beneficial in the event of an emergency.  All field personnel, including inspectors and emergency responders, can do more because they will have immediate information access right in the field.

Just what can an inspector or responder access or do with PlansAnywhere in the field?  They have access to geo-located plans, images, documents and more.  They can fill out eForms to capture inspection results.  They can schedule tasks righ tin the field.  They can work offline or online because PlansAnywhere utilizes the power of secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery technologies to enable field-to-office communication and collaboration to all built environment stakeholders.  They can voice-capture inspection notes as well as mark up plans and images onsite.  Additionally, they can capture site photos and videos and even get drone media support.

As we mentioned, field access is particularly important for building inspectors because they can better complete their code enforcement tasks.  And, field access is particularly important for first responders such as fire, police, HAZMAT, and disaster management access and inspection.  And don’t forget that EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) can benefit from field access as well.

PlansAnywhere is designed to support your goals by leveraging the power of ProjectDox and extending the drawings and information originally created and held in ProjectDox to a digital warehouse where it can be easily and efficiently accessed and used. You will experience better community safety, better inspector efficiency, better emergency response, full site knowledge, built environment awareness, and clean and sustainable environment through paperless electronic data access and storage.

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