PlansAnywhere Improves Access to Built Environment Information

PlansAnywhere Improves Access to Built Environment Information

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Any city planner or inspector will tell you that having access to plans and site information, regardless of where they are, would be an incredibly useful tool.  Traditionally, that is not possible because paper plans are not always easy to find or transport.  Further, paper plans and site information are often not updated and therefore they contain inaccurate information.  With PlansAnywhere, inspectors and other officials have efficient mobile access to information including key site information, drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building or structure.  All of this information is accumulated and organized by geo-location so it is easy to find what you need.

At Avolve Software, it is always our goal to improve efficiency, make processes easy, and facilitate improved collaboration.  PlansAnywhere dramatically improves access to built environment information because inspectors can easily access the information they need, when they need it, regardless of location.  This mobile solution uses a location-based data model allows individuals to organize site information and process documentation more efficiently.  This helps inspectors make informed decisions and operate more quickly so that there are no unnecessary delays due to inefficiency. Also, paper plans and documents can often get lost or be damaged beyond repair in things like fires or floods which means that that information may be gone forever.  With PlansAnywhere, all generations of site information is protected and stored.

Inspectors will be able to do far more in a day than they would traditionally be able to which improves community safety. PlansAnywhere leverages the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform, secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery technologies to improve field-to-office communication and collaboration.  Additionally, should inspectors not have access to a secure wireless connection; they will be able to work off-line until the wireless connection is restored.  After the wireless connection is restored, all information and edits made while offline will sync and the inspector will be reconnected to the most current and accurate information.  And, inspectors and officials will have a variety of information available at their fingertips because PlansAnywhere integrates with multiple data systems including GIS (Google Maps), construction management, security, data sensor, permitting, inspections, and first-response.  Also, a site timeless will be maintained which keeps track of site data, activity, and history/genealogy so that you can see who made edits and when.  PlansAnywhere truly is the ultimate solution for jurisdictions that want to improve access to the most accurate and useful built environment information.


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