PlansAnywhere Improves Efficiency and Safety

PlansAnywhere Improves Efficiency and Safety

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If you are an inspector, project manager, or contractor you have probably stood on a job site or property and wished you could easily access the most current and accurate site plans.  Often, inspectors or other personnel take notes on the site and then rely on those notes to make changes or update plans later on. Sometimes certain notes are missed or may be confusing later so this process is not the most efficient or effective way to do this.  But, until now, there has not been a viable alternative.  PlansAnywhere completely changes the game by enabling field access to view all key site information, drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building or structure by a geo-location.  With PlansAnywhere, an inspector or other authorized personnel can easily and efficiently access the information they need and even make changes or edits all from any smart device with a secure internet connection.  Whether using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other technology, access to information on the go allows inspectors and personnel to do far more in a day than they could before.

Using a location-based data model, all information is tied to a GIS location and should any edits or changes be made, they are made immediately.  It is not just an efficient and effective way to organize information and process documentation but it is a far better way to make informed decisions and improve community safety.  PlansAnywhere takes the guesswork out of the equation and, particularly in the event of a community emergency or safety concern; accurate information is available to anyone with a secure internet connection.  Emergency response personnel can all access the information they need simultaneously without having to wait which means informed decisions are made more quickly which can ultimately save money and even lives!

Personnel need not worry that this convenience is all dependent on a secure internet connection because offline usability is available as well.  Inspectors or other personnel have the ability to select multiple files for offline access on a mobile device.  Then, once reconnected to a secure internet source, all work is synced so that nothing is lost.  Inspectors can even customize their work process so that it is more convenient for their individual needs.  Additionally, PlansAnywhere leverages the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform and enables field-to-office communication and collaboration for all built environment stakeholders with secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery of the latest technologies.  Finally, transparency is achieved with the Site Timeline that keeps track of all site data, activity and history/genealogy so that, should questions ever arise, there is a detailed log of information.  PlansAnywhere is an open system that integrates multiple data systems for ease of use, including GIS, Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, First Response and more.  To improve day-to-day operation as well as emergency response, every community should implement the use of PlansAnywhere.

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