Achieve Greater Community Safety

Access Your Built Environment Information


What is PlansAnywhere?

PlansAnywhere enables field access to view all key site information, drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building or structure by a geo-location. Your inspectors’ efficient mobile access to information allows them to do much more in a day, and that improves community safety! 

Plans Anywhere

“Access what you need, when you need it, as you need it.”


Why PlansAnywhere?

Access your community built environment through a mobile solution that uses a location-based data model or “site” to organize information efficiently, process documentation and make informed decisions.  

Access Information
Building and structure site information is accessible by desktop or iPad devices.
Field Use
Inspectors can capture photos using an iPad for site review and code enforcement.
Offline Usability
Ability to select multiple files for offline access on mobile device.  All work is synced once reconnected online.
Process Work
Inspectors can find and add site information customized for their work process.



PlansAnywhere Offers

PlansAnywhere leverages the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform, secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery technologies to enable field-to-office communication and collaboration to all built environment stakeholders.

  • Simple access to plans/documents, data and media on mobile devices (iOS and browsers)
  • Work off-line when wireless connection is unavailable; sync on re-connect
  • Site Timeline keeps track of site data and activity history/genealogy
  • Integrate with multiple data systems: GIS (Google Maps), Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, First-Response,

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