Preparing for a City Emergency – PlansAnywhere Facilitates Better Emergency Response Planning

Preparing for a City Emergency – PlansAnywhere Facilitates Better Emergency Response Planning

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It is an unfortunate reality but today we are living in tumultuous times.  It seems like an emergency could strike just about any city at any moment.  Whether it is fire, flood, tornado, or local/foreign terrorist attacks, cities have to be prepared for a myriad of emergencies.  It can be difficult for cities to prepare for such a wide array of potential emergencies, particularly when many old paper-based plans are hard to find or gone altogether.  Understanding city infrastructure is a critical component of emergency response planning and PlansAnywhere facilitates a far better and more effective emergency response for any city of any size.

Well planned emergency response plans are designed to facilitate rapid response which helps protect property and save lives. Many different city departments and local emergency response agencies are involved in emergency response efforts so there needs to be a centralized, current, and accurate emergency response plan available at all times.  Paper files can be destroyed in emergencies but electronic plans and detailed emergency response instructions that are stored in PlansAnywhere can be accessed from any location on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop with proper security credentials. And, even better, the plans can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users so that everyone can be on the same page at all times.

Many hear about an online emergency response plan and city building/infrastructure records and worry that if there is an emergency that causes internet access to be slow or unavailable that they will not be able to execute their response plan but that is not the case.  PlansAnywhere can be accessed offline and updates, markups and other notes can be made offline as well.  Once internet connection is available again, PlansAnywhere will simply sync upon reconnection.

When emergencies arise, things tend to be chaotic so having an easy-to-understand action plan is critical to improving response time.  Multiple response teams can access PlansAnywhere and see exactly what needs to happen in their pre-planned emergency response.  Further, they can identify important things like gas and electric shut-offs, stand pipes, master elevator controls, security controls, access points, storage of hazardous materials, and more.  Additionally, instant, automated status notifications can be triggered from the field when drawings or accessed or changes are made so that everyone gets an update. A coordinated and efficient effort can improve emergency response efforts and ultimately, save valuable property and human life.


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