Avolve’s suite of products deliver efficiency and ease to the process life-cycle of
submitting, reviewing, approving, accessing building plans and data in your jurisdiction.

Improve jurisdictional competitiveness for development and job growth.

ePlan Life Cycle

Avolve provides
cloud-based technology for
the entire life-cycle of ePlans
within a jurisdiction

Paperless Benefits:

Our applications can be used together, stand-alone, or integrated with your existing systems

Applicant Experience
ePlan Review
ePlan Review
Field Access

Gain efficiency – faster permit issuance – do more with less.

A process solution that interweaves configurable workflows, markup viewers, file and communication management all together. It handles all the task assignment accountability and versioning complexities of plan review.
Assure building safety, engineering and planning compliance and digitally transform how fast projects are reviewed and approved.

Applicant Ease

Achieve better customer service. ProjectDox guides your applicant through each step of their participation in the review process.

Review Efficiency

Avolve customers have reported 60-75% efficiency improvements overall, allowing more to be done with existing staff.

Process Insight

The review process is tracked across review cycles, providing dashboard reports on SLA’s, department overloads, and workload trends.

ProjectDox with Bluebeam® Revu®

Improves using Bluebeam Revu for ePlan Review by adding a structured process with task accountability, and status, more review features, corrections communication, and workflow managed file uploading and versioning.

Bluebeam and Revu are registered trademarks of Bluebeam Inc.

Multi-departmental Reviews

ProjectDox enables many departments, including third parties to participate in plan reviews without additional per user licensing.

Departmental Workflows

Avolve also provides ePlan review workflows (e.g. ROW, small cell, sewer/storm water) for specific departments.
Permit Systems
Processes applicant entered “form data” through a straight forward submission and payment workflow.



Processes and manages files, markups and corrections in an applicant interactive repeating cycle workflow.

Pick the Right Tool for the Job!

Adding a markup viewer to a permit process flow and then reworking the workflow to accommodate plan review, won’t be as good as using an integrated process solution built specifically for plan review.
ProjectDox – the right tool for ePlan Review.

Many Ways to Go-Live

Stand-alone or Integrated

Choose between PaperlessNow, or a fully integrated deployment with almost any permitting solution.

Process configured
or best-in-class

Choose between our out-of-the-box and ready to deploy best practice workflows, or work with our process experts to configure plan reviews to your specific needs.

Rapidly Deploy

Get your jurisdiction up and running in weeks, with the PaperlessNOW rapid launch deployment of ProjectDox.
Enable your Building and/or Planning Plan Reviewers to access the drawings and documents they need to review remotely.

“We’ve calculated return-on-investment at 80% in the first year alone.”

About ProjectDox

An online solution that makes it easy for applicants to request services from your jurisdiction’s building, planning, fire and public works departments.

ePlan Submission

Optionally deploy with ProjectDox; the applicant never needs to sign into ProjectDox to participate in the plan review.

Simple Maintenance

Process simple maintenance permits.
Reduce lobby traffic for processing and issuing simple permits.

Other Applications

OAS is a configurable system for providing almost any type of
application submissions.

Achieve 24×7 citizen services excellence, ease, efficiency, insight and doing more with existing staffing.

Inspector access to approved plan sets, site images & videos

PlansAnywhere File Access

PlansAnywhere enables field access to view all key site information, drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building, asset or site by a geo-location.
Your inspectors have efficient tablet access to information allowing them to do much more in a day.

Inspect+ for Accela

Avolve customers have reported 60-75% efficiency improvements overall, allowing more to be done with existing staff.
Fully integrated with Accela (*requires separate Accela API licensing)

About PlansAnywhere

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