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Faster Issuance to Accelerate Growth

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What is ProjectDox?

ProjectDox is the market’s leading Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) solution and more.  Take pride in gaining dramatic efficiency for issuing building project approvals, thereby accelerating jobs and revenues —  all while serving citizens better and assuring building safety.

“Salt Lake City set out to make the permit process easier for its customers so it could attract and retain the businesses that are fueling the city’s economic recovery. The plan seems to be working.”


Why ProjectDox?

ProjectDox is the only PROVEN solution in use by over 150 cities, counties, and states. We invented electronic plan review for permit application review and our decade of domain expertise assures your success.


  Plan Review for Permitting
Deliver better service by reducing review time, help accelerate economic growth, and eliminate the inefficiency of paper movement and storage. ProjectDox plan review accelerates the permitting process, making it fast and easy to submit, review documents and drawings, process corrections, and monitor and improve the work process.  more…

“Our goal is to implement technologies that have intrinsic and long-term economic, social and ecological value. ProjectDox is a key component of our strategic plan to improve customer service, convenience, and our permitting and development review processes.”

Planning and Zoning
ProjectDox plan review workflows for planning and zoning enable effective collaboration and efficient process among stakeholders seeking to achieve a balanced community vision while advancing economic growth.  more…

“We cannot overestimate the impact that this has had on Planning and Zoning. We’ve been able to completely rebuild our process and set a course towards a fully digital future.” 

  Public Works and Capital Projects
Large public projects require a wide variety of planning, collaboration, review and approval and ongoing operations functions.  ProjectDox provides a consistent flexible information and workflow framework to exchange and collaborate with project drawings, documents and other information.  more…

 “The great benefit of this system is it allows for concurrent reviews. We have gone from eight weeks down to two.”

Public Safety Planning
Fire and emergency response personnel need accurate, timely access to built environment information to meet citizens’ needs.   ProjectDox allows remote plan access  from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously; allowing responding units to be on the same page – literally.  more…

“As one of America’s largest and fastest growing counties, we have a demand for streamlined IT infrastructure between departments. Moving to electronic review and approval gives us a number of near and long-term advantages over paper-based manual processes and fits well with our vision of system interoperability.” 


ProjectDox Offers

Unlike legacy silo approaches that complicate, compartmentalize, and delay projects, ProjectDox is business process efficiency for all building projects within a community.

  • New! PaperlessNOW Rapid Launch solution for jurisdictions needing to get online operations in place fast in light of the evolving health crisis restrictions. more…
  • Additional Best-in-Class and Quick Review workflows for your review processes.  more…
  • Comprehensive collaboration tools for commenting, comparing, notifying, and reporting.
  • Open, web-based access, cloud or on-premise offerings.
  • Integrations with other business applications, including permitting, asset management, and document management systems.
  • Pairs with our easy to use Online Applicant Services (OAS) solution solution.  more…

Whether you represent a jurisdiction’s building department, planning and zoning, public works or emergency responseProjectDox can automate and accelerate your plan review process. Start with plan review first and get quick immediate benefits for your community.

“Reviews now take one quarter of the time, and project managers receive stakeholder comments 75% sooner.”


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ProjectDox Works


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Get Immediate Benefits!

From our domain experience in working with a hundred plus jurisdictions, we created Best-in-Class workflows that enable you to get up and running quickly when coupled with our hosting option. Or work with our project services team to customize ProjectDox to your specific processes and interface requirements.  Either way selecting and starting with ProjectDox delivers efficiency and process benefits to help fuel the pace of economic development.