ProjectDox 8.6 Features Immediately Improve Business Process Efficiency

ProjectDox 8.6 Features Immediately Improve Business Process Efficiency

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ProjectDox has what can feel like, at times, innumerable features and benefits.  These features dramatically improve efficiency, provide visibility and ease in working together, help ensure community safety and accelerate economic growth within a community.ProjectDox is the ultimate open access business process enabler for building projects.  And, ProjectDox’s newest version (ProjectDox 8.6) has upgraded features that build upon its original effectiveness and improve business processes even further.  With ProjectDox, information silos are eliminated which allows for better access, collaboration and review/approval decisions.

ProjectDox is, hands down, the best process solution for digital submission, plan review and approval.  Avolve Software has taken decades of industry experience and knowledge and carefully developed best-in-class workflows that are completely configurable.  These workflows deliver immediate efficiency benefits to building, planning and other departmental plan review processes.  In ProjectDox 8.6, the workflow engine supports serial, concurrent, parallel, and quick review processes, as well as partial and deferred submittals with automated task assignment, notification, reminders and reporting.  Any workflow task can be stepped back or forward as needed.  Further, ProjectDox boasts robust workflow reassignment exception handling.  These workflows take the guesswork out of the equation and make plan review a streamlined and efficient process.

ProjectDox functions as a central hub, it manages all files, markups, review information, resubmittals, file versioning, and use permissions.  The OAS (Online Application Submission) portal extends features by managing applicant profiles, application form submission, and integrated fee payment.  Process stakeholders can review, discuss and markup design issues without downloading files, creating multiple versions, or changing the legal integrity of the plans.  ProjectDox features automatic attachment generation of correction markups and comments for submit letters. Reviewed resubmittal corrections and change requests are automatically published for the applicant to easily understand.  It can also be used by external reviewers.  Reviewers can examine digital plans in multiple file formats with full zoom and CAD layering.  Additionally, ProjectDox interfaces with other business applications, including permitting solutions, so engineering departments can continue to use the viewer with which they are already familiar.  There is no additional licensing required for external third party agencies and plan examiners. The file compare features also allows plan reviewers to easily inspect changes between the original and revised plans so that they are able to rapidly determine a resolution for any compliance issues.  ProjectDox’s best-in-class workflows provide time savings and the ability to completely customize workflows to your specific process and interface requirements provide immense immediate benefits as well.

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