ProjectDox – A Robust Project Workflow Solution

ProjectDox – A Robust Project Workflow Solution

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Communities everywhere face the same problems when planning and building. Bringing together many different agencies and departments isn’t easy. Keeping up with each person and their responsibilities can be like trying to bathe a clowder of cats. Instead of managing this major undertaking using old-fashioned methods like paper and pencil or a spreadsheet, try a software which manages each aspect of the project and lets everyone know exactly what they are responsible for and should be doing every step along the way. ProjectDox is the solution to manage workflow and get the job done on schedule and within budget.

Projects Which Benefit from ProjectDox

ProjectDox is a software which can be customized or work straight out-of-the-box. It’s great for larger projects such as parks and planning or public safety. Over 100 communities around the country have utilized the technology for their capital improvement projects and land development. Customers can enjoy having all the information for the project at their fingertips, while having access to checklists and reminders of who needs to complete their part of the project for more effective collaboration.

How Does It Work?

Before the software is implemented, the team that will be using it is trained on how to get the most out of it. Then, the agency uploads documents and plans and sets up the software to give the most information possible. The software is accessed through a web browser, and it’s available in real time. Third party organizations can be given access for review and control. In ProjectDox, workflow is improved because tasks are assigned to one person. Managers can print reports about who has done their tasks and grant approval for completed items. It reduces errors, improves communications, and holds each agency responsible for their own goals.

Delivering a Safer Community

Avolve works with your community to deliver the requirements you need. Many communities use the software as it comes, hosted on our servers. However, ProjectDox is fully customizable, which lets your organization get the design specifications that fit your project. If you need a solution for project management, check out the workflow applications of this software. It’s accessible on many different platforms, which allows those in the field to use on their tablets or phones. Keep your project on task and under budget with the technology that makes workflow easier and simpler. Take your community to the next level with the tools that let your team work efficiently. Ensure everything is handled at the appropriate time when you have ProjectDox.

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