ProjectDox Advantageous for Public Works and Capital Projects Departments

ProjectDox Advantageous for Public Works and Capital Projects Departments

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As the market’s leading ePlan solution, ProjectDox provides a variety of benefits and solutions for various government departments.  ProjectDox facilitates effective communications and improves efficiency so that more can be accomplished and money can be saved as a result.  ProjectDox not only automates but accelerates the plan review process.  As the only proven solution, it is being successfully used by over 100 cities, counties and states. While ProjectDox provides benefits to various departments including building, planning and zoning and more, it offers a distinct advantage to Public Works and Capital Projects.

Public Works and Capital Projects departments require a wide variety of planning, collaboration, review and approval as well as ongoing operations functions.  Fortunately, ProjectDox provides a consistent flexible information and workflow framework in which government personnel, citizens, and other stakeholders can exchange and collaborate with project drawings, documents, and any other important information.  ProjectDox improves communication and efficiency in a unique way because, unlike legacy silo approaches that complicate, compartmentalize and delay projects, ProjectDox can improve efficiency for all building projects within a community.  It provides spec or customized process workflows tailored to your unique review process.  Additionally, it provides comprehensive collaboration tools for commenting, comparing, notifying and reporting.  Furthermore, interoperability is facilitated with other business applications, including permitting, asset management, and document management systems.

While it is very useful for ePlan review, a key advantage of ProjectDox is that it has extended usage far beyond simple ePlan review.  It can be highly utilized by other jurisdiction departments like Public Works and Capital Improvement Projects. Roads and bridges can manage their construction, expansion and repair.  Utilities, water, storm water and sanitation can manage their construction, expansion and repair.  Traffic can manage its construction, design and management.  And building assets can manage their new building construction, renovation and maintenance.  While other programs or software may claim their improve collaboration, ProjectDox provides a true project collaboration environment for managing these projects, and more, by allowing project team members instant web access to all project data.  Additionally, within ProjectDox you can maintain a fully versioned document history for improved record keeping and access to information at any time.  All project data is kept in one central location and the information is always current with permission access securely controlled for both internal and external team members.  Lastly, all project data is now linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system for quick reference access and maintenance, which further expanding the electronic built environment for future economic growth and development.  ProjectDox can be implemented in one department or across an entire government infrastructure to improve efficiency, facilitate communication, save money and much more.

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