How ProjectDox Automates & Manages Community Planning Operations

How ProjectDox Automates & Manages Community Planning Operations

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ProjectDox is capable of transforming a number of business processes and operations through improved efficiency, communication, expedited process, and access to information.  While it offers unique solutions for different departments, it offers one significant solution for Planning & Zoning Departments – it automates and manages community planning operations.  ProjectDox, through effective collaboration and efficient process among stakeholders, enables plan review workflows for planning and zoning.  This improvement provides stakeholders with the tools they need to achieve a balanced community vision while advancing economic growth.  ProjectDox is different than traditional legacy silo approaches that only serve to complicate, compartmentalize, and delay projects.  ProjectDox’s automated system helps effectively manage community planning operations with efficiency and ease that has heretofore been unavailable.

A community can only be well-designed, livable, and prosperous with careful planning.  A community planner must have a strategic vision as well as an ability to practically approach today’s development realities.  When this balance is achieved, city planners can work closely with citizens and community leaders to build a consensus on short and long range plans and bring those plans to life.  Effective communication and efficient processes may sound simple but they have been elusive for many government jurisdictions.  With ProjectDox, processes and communication are automated which not only accelerates processes but enables better collaboration with community stakeholders.

ProjectDox does not just provide one solution or fix one problem; it is a full suite of uniquely crafted (and carefully honed) processes that provide dramatic improvement.  That is why ProjectDox is in use in over 150 jurisdictions in North America! ProjectDox automates and manages community planning operations such as land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and integration to GIS.  ProjectDox’s best-in-class planning workflow includes project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps that all departments need to automate the planning process.  Further, ProjectDox supports your business processes from planning to building through the management of and access of as-built information.  Planning and zoning information such as as-built information can be easily accessed from a laptop, smartphone or iPad or other smart device that has a secure internet connection.  That means that while you are completing the necessary steps for planning and zoning and are on the job site, you can have access to the information and even make changes – right form the job site!  And, with our easy on-boarding, yourplanning and zoning department will begin to experience immediate automation and collaboration benefits from using ProjectDox!


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